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Latitude: 52.76143 | Longitude: 1.121211

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Beck Farm, Reepham, Norfolk NR10 4NR NR10 4NR

01603 870829


Reepham Fishery in the heart of Norfolk provides day-ticket pleasure coarse fishing, match fishing and luxury holiday accomodation. Reepham Fishery is open for day-ticket fishing from the 1st March through to the 31st October (closed Mondays except Bank Holidays) - residents in luxury holiday accommodation can fish outside of these times.


Reepham Fishery has four lakes in total that are all spring fed and heavily stocked - the fishery is renowned for the quality and size of the crucian carp (up to 4 lbs), together with tench to over 6lbs, roach to over 2lbs, rudd to 3lbs and carp to 28 ½ lbs :

Main and Long Lakes
Two lakes joined to provide 3 acres with a total of 65 pegs stocked with mirror,common, leather, grass, koi, crucian and ghost carp, roach, rudd, tench, goldfish and golden orfe. Maximum weight around 28 lbs.

Match Lake
A 1 acre lake opened in the Spring of 2008, full of 1lb - 4lb fish including carp, fantails, rudd, tench, roach and goldfish. Record 5hr catch is 98lb.

Guest's Lake
A lake with 13 pegs stocked with mirror, common, leather, crucian and ghost carp, roach, rudd, tench, goldfish and golden orfe. Maximum weight around 14 lbs. This lake is reserved for the enjoyment of guests using the holiday accomodation.

The lakes and grounds are a haven for wildlife - ducks, swans, rabbits and moorhen. Small deer are frequently seen and you may even catch a glimpse of our kingfishers and green woodpeckers.

The Fishery has good toilet facilities suitable for both men and women and food, drinks, confectionery and bait can be purchased from the bailiff.

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Well run fishery, very easy to catch fish because it is overstocked heavily, mainly smaller carp though, few big ones put up a good fight


As already mentioned very easy fishing. Nice little lakes. Shame about the owners very strict rules (some very silly) the lakes are great tho



When it's a hot sunny day the carp nearly are always coming to feed on surface, recommend surface fishing



Golden Orfe





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