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ShallowBrook Fishery


Latitude: 52.65464 | Longitude: 1.226315

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Norwich Rd, Costessey, Norwich, Norfolk

01603 747667


ShallowBrook Fishing Lakes, Norwich, Norfolk. Located on Norwich Road, Costessey, one of the better Norwich fishing lakes. The fishery comprises of four lakes, three general and one match fishing lake. All are day ticket lakes purchased on the bank, with the exception of Horseshoe lake which is reserved for matches.


Snipe Lake
With its deep and dark water, lilly pads and reeds its great for Tench and Bream.
Roach and Rudd are also in plentiful supply and can sometimes be a nuisance when trying to
get your bait on the bottom. Tench run to 10 lbs and Bream up to 8 lbs.

No Floating baits are allowed.

Horseshoe Lake
Reserved for Match fishing only. For further information about booking please ring our phone number in the Contacts page

This lake contains Carp, ranging from 12oz to 12 lbs, Tench, Bream, Roach, Perch. An ideal pole fishing venue, because of its narrow design you can easily fish the far bank. Match weights up to 160 lbs have been recorded.

No Floating baits are allowed.

Carp Lake
Secluded and surrounded by trees, this lake is where you will find the larger Carp, reports suggest weights up to 27 lbs.

Meadow lake
With the shallows and depths its an ideal water for all species. Wether you fish the margins or the deeper water in the middle, Carp in double figures, Tench to 7 lbs and Bream up to 5 lbs are in plentiful supply. With a good head of Roach, Rudd and Chub there is sport for all ages.

There are 46 pegs, most of which have palletted stagings, some under the cover of trees, others in the open so no matter what the weather there is always a suitable swim. Some pegs can even accommodate 2 people fishing.

No Floating baits are allowed on this lake.

Day tickets at present are; £6 a day,  £4 per half day. Season permits are available at very competitive rates, so if you are a regular visitor, they are a great saving. REMEMBER; You do require a current rod license for up to 2 rods, Environment Agency officials visit this fishery frequently. If you are caught fishing without one, you could be fined up to £2,500. Children under 12 do NOT require a license.

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Good lake with meadow lake having all species and guaranteed to catch.carp lake is the specimen full of big carp up to 30 pound hard to catch but when you do it's worth it.there is also snipe lake with is a lovely deep lake full of tench and bream great fishing.the match lake is no longer running but all matches are now held pm meadow lake.half day is £4.full day £6.all day and night is £12 bargain and season tickets all year round are only £100.overall great venue for all levels of fisherman.hope I have helped thank you!!









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