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Llyn Y Gors


Latitude: 53.25137 | Longitude: -4.136783

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Llandegfan, Menai Bridge, Anglesey, Gwynedd LL59 5PN LL59 5PN

01248 713 410


Llyn Y Gors has a vast depth of history surrounding the site. Many years ago the site was a tea room which soon developed into only having one fishing pond. Llyn Y Gors has now been rated as one of the top ten fisheries in the UK and is growing all of the time.


The Match Lake
Our Match Lake is said by members of the Welsh National Squad to be one of the fairest they've ever fished. We don't go in for high numbers - there are only 30 pegs so matches tend to be a friendly affair. The lake is stocked with ghosties, roach, perch, golden orfe (or carrots), tench, barbel and chub. The lake is available for hire by any club or organisation. On days when there are no matches, the lake is run on a normal day ticket basis.

The Pleasure Lake
A day ticket on the Pleasure Lake costs £11.00 for adults and £6.00 for juniors. Fresh maggots and any tackle required are available from our on-site tackle shop. Barbed hooks are banned, and only branded pellets (ringers, dynamite etc) or pellets purchased in the shop are allowed - see our rules page. Booking is advisable in the main holiday season, as we never let the lakes get overcrowded and preference is always given to residents in the self-catering cottages and anglers camping on site.

Reed Lake
Reed Lake is the new specialist lake at Llyn Y Gors with species such as Chub, Roach, Perch, Bream, Tench and Crucian Carp. Over 3,000 fish have been stocked into the lake with the biggest fish being the Tench with some of them weighing over7lb. The majority of the fish are also virgin fish having been previously bred on in our stock lakes at Llyn Y Gors of from our suppliers where they have been kept in unfished estate lakes. This is the reason for their superb condition and these fish will grow on enormously in the deep waters of Reed Lake.

The Old Carp Lake
Our Carp Lake is unique in North Wales. Originally created over 30 years ago and this mature tree-lined water of around 5 acres is home to a healthy stock of carp, pike and catfish. The carp stock of over 400 fish run from 8 lb to 34lb and the pike and catfish have been caught over 27 lb. As promised two new mirrors were stocked into the Old Carp Lake weighing 32 lb 8 oz and 34 lb in January 2006. They are not big bellied fish, very broad shouldered with plenty more room to grow!!.

Thompson's Pool
Now in its third year Thompson's Pool has now matured into a beautifully secluded landscape full of wildlife since its opening on the 1st of May 2002. It holds over 35 carp - mostly in the 20 lb to 35 lb+ range - and 2 cats at 28lb and 33lb! But because these fish have a whole 2 and a half acres to themselves and the lake is rich in all sorts of natural food, it is estimated that we will soon be seeing forty pounders, especially since some of the fish are only 4 to 5 years and are a fast-growing strain. There are only eight swims on the lake, and only two rods per angler.

The Karpium
The Karpium is the brand new lake built at Llyn Y Gors and has matured into a fantastic scenic lake since its creation. The 153 fish to 21lb that have already been stocked in there till November 2007 have absolutely thrived in there putting on masses of weight, feeding extremely well and also breeding extremely successfully.

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This is the best fishery in north Wales even Wales.


Wouldn't say it was the best in north Wales have been too better and friendlier


What a good place to fish, you have to be patient you won't always catch if you are going for the big fish tactics is the key. All the staff are friendly and the accommodation is very nice and clean.


Very good place if you now how to catch fish and feed properly .


Had 40lb out of pleasure lake this week 10 carp and 5 bream and loads of roach .i


Great fishery and tackle shop.






Golden Orfe






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