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Langford Lakes Fishery


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Middle Hill Farm, Langford Budville, Wellington, Somerset TA21 0RS TA21 0RS

01823 400 476


Our four lakes are set in 30 acres of Nordman Fir Plantation were established in 1980 and are stocked with a variety of different species from Roach and Rudd of only few ounces up to Carp hitting the twenty-pound mark and over, something for every angler.


Carp Lake
This lake is some 90 yards long by 35 yards in width. Its stocked with Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Ghost Carp and Crusian Carp up to and over the 20lb depending on the time of year.

Although this is a relatively small lake its packed full of features both above and below the surface including overhanging trees, sedges and clay patches.

During the summer months carp can often be tempted from the surface either with bread or dog biscuit.

Ledger and float fishing will catch throughout the year but don't neglect the margins, as these can be very productive particularily on warmer days.

Recommended baits include; Luncheon Meat, Bread, Trout & Halibut Pellets, Chum and Worms.

Mixed Lake
This is the largest of the four lakes within the complex, 120 yards in length and 45 yards at its widest point plus an island in the largest end. This really is an exceptional lake, suitable for both novice and experienced anglers.

There are approximately 17 swims available around the lake, some of which could hold more than one angler, ideal for family days out.

Highly stocked with Carp, Roach, Rudd, Skimmers, Tench and Perch. With the right tactics this really is a prolific water.

Recommended baits include; Luncheon Meat, Bread, Sweetcorn, Trout Pellets, Chum, Worms and Maggots.

Roach and Perch Lake
This is the oldest and most mysterious lake within the complex. It may not look very big but it continuosly produces surprising results for those who fish it.

Its well stock with Roach, Perch and even the odd Carp graces the bank so its potential has yet to be fully realised. Only a small lake in size with depths reaching the 8-foot mark, several personal bests have been broken here.

It has been known for Roach up to 1½lb and Perch to 4lb to be caught from this lake. We can only ask what secrets lurk within its depths.

Recommended baits include; Luncheon Meat, Bread, Sweetcorn, Worms and Maggots.

Syndicate lake
This is the most recent lake to be completed within the complex, specifically designed by our water bailiffs to challenge us carp anglers. Packed full of features both above and below the water.

Since stocking in November 2000 the carp have become attuned to the lakes underwater make-up, so to reap the rewards you must be prepared to work at it a little.

Stocked with Common Carp, Mirror Carp and Ghost Carp from just under double to over 20lb, the carp in this lake have settled and sporned well producing several fast growing smaller fish.

This lake is for members only or by special arrangement.

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