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Bromeswell Fishery


Latitude: 52.10307 | Longitude: 1.357089

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33 Walnut Tree Avenue, Rendlesham, Suffolk IP12 2GG IP12 2PX

01394 461 007


Our four lakes are well stocked with carp up to 23lb, roach, rudd, tench etc, and meticulous maintained to a very high standard. Situated in the beautiful Suffolk country-side, near the popular visitor centres of Woodbridge, Sutton-Hoo and Aldeburgh, they are peaceful and quiet.


Horseshoe Lake
This lake is the most popular on the site with a total of 26 comfortable pegs, all accessible to the majority of anglers with gently sloping grass banks. The lake averages four feet in depth. The lake contains large numbers of carp from 2oz to over 20lb+, tench to 4lb, roach to over 2lb (see photo gallery) and rudd to 2lb.

Willow Lake
This lake was designed for the pole anglers amongst us with a, maximum width of 13meters to a central island, it is effect a canal type fishery and is used for matches. The maximum depth is approximately five feet and can be found close to the island, with the near margin being shallow.  This also makes the lake ideal for families as there is no worry about deep margins.

The lake is stocked with carp up to 8lb plus, who have proved to be willing feeders in the right conditions. There are also quality roach and rudd and a surprising number of tench.

Hazel Pond
This is a smaller and more intimate fishery, ideal for family outings or "Dads and lads".

The pond was formerly used as a stock pond, but the enormous numbers of roach and small tench with carp to 4lb plus have prompted its opening.

Birch Pond
This is very similar to Hazel and contains the same type of stocking, there are reputedly very large roach in here but the sheer numbers of smaller fish make this difficult to verify.

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Beautifully maintained and picturesque spot. Quite a small site but holds a lot of fish. I had a few carp out of the main lake. My father fished the float and pole one peg up from me and caught well over sixty roach. A good day and only £7.00 for two rods.








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