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Crow Green Fishery


Latitude: 51.64689 | Longitude: 0.286701

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Crow Green Farm Days Lane Pilgrims Hatch Essex CM15 9SL CM159SL

01277 375172


Crow Green Fishery was born out of approx 16 acres of grazing land, just a field full of grass and no trees. In 1990 the land was purchased by the current owners, Jason and Karen Jopson. Jason a keen fisherman dreamed of having his very own fishing lake so that he could spend time fishing whenever he pleased.


Main Lake
Over the course of time this lake has been well stocked with all the carp family up to a weight of 30lb, it makes it very popular for the dedicated carp fisherman. It also boasts large catfish, bream, roach, Pike and also has something unusual, Sturgeon.

Match Lake
This lake is well stocked with Rudd, Roach, Perch, Tench, Bream, Chubb, Barbel and of course the carp family. Used for pleasure fishing and of course open to bookings for club matches.

Lilly Lake
A mixed stock of fish in this lake including large eels.

Car Park Pond Lake
This pond has been well stocked with bream and the odd carp and sturgeon and is a popular fishing spot with families and beginners, it’s almost a bite a throw.

Syndicate Lake
This Lake is Private and closed to new membership.

Opening time is 06.00am
Closing times will vary depending on the time of year.
Please Note: We have automatic gates that close at night, night fishermen will not be able to leave until 06:00am

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A very well kept fishery and great fishing


This place is absolute shit m8. Waste of time money n bait. Fished the main lake all day with fuck all then bashed out a 4lb bream from the pond. Laim


I think the main lake is pants me and pal fished all day not a thing near end of day fished this poxy puddle and out came a 4lb bream won't be going there again :(


Good fishery, have caught nice carp, cats and pike from the main lake. The match lake has given some good bags of bream and roach with the odd carp and brown goldfish.


Can be a hard lake to fish had many carp and bream out the smaller lakes. Had a 38lb sturgeon from the main lake mid way through last year. Very tidy nice place to fish all together


Shit lakes containing fuck all.


This is one of the best fisheries around. The main lake is full of monsters if you know how to get them. First time I went there had a great day. Second time I nighted it, and had a 30lb+ cat, a morning 13lb pike, and a 61lb cat!!! Where else an you get that for £10 a ticket!!! Karen runs a friendly, safe and beautiful set of lakes. Loved it there. Will definitely be gracing the banks there again soon.


Fished here twice in the last couple of months (aug/sept13) met the owner also and although the couple of times I've been I've blanked a mate had a big cat on a day ticket... (Weather was awful it rained hard for near 8hours) it can get busy but not so that I've not got to fish a swim I liked the look of. A lot of people talk about the cats in the main lake but there are some bloody good carp in there too with a common to around 40lb if the owner/bailiff is to be believed. I'd hold yourself if you've got a weak bowel though cause the toilet block is not a pretty sight to behold.


Great fishery, love to fish the night but been told I can only do that if I'm regular to the lake which is pants so that's why it gets a 4 and not a 5.


colin marshall

Early morning prawns good bait


Luncheon meat on or near the middle of the open part of the main lake in inch square cubes works well for Sturgeon and Cat Fish. Focus from 6pm to midnight and 6am to midday especially!















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