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Bedworth road, Bulkington, Bedworth, Warwickshire CV12 9JA CV12 9JA

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Weston lawns Fisheries was established in 1994 and has been designed and built for all anglers. A well located fishery between Bedworth and Bulkington to the north of Coventry, Weston Lawns comprises three lakes which cover two-and-a-half acres, two acres and about three-quarters of an acre respectively.


Pool One
Pool One is the furthest of the Weston Lawns lakes from the car park. Popular with carp anglers, it is known to hold commons and mirrors up to 36lbs as well as Ghost Carp to 18lbs and Grass Carp to 6lbs.

The fishery record for carp, which was taken in late summer 2005, is held by a 36lb 8oz mirror whilst the largest to have come out so far in 2007 weighed in at 32lbs.

In addition, tench over 9lbs can be taken as well as bream to 7lbs and roach 2lbs. The tench favour ledgered luncheon meat, whilst pellets are good for all species.

Pool One is between six and seven feet deep throughout and many anglers fish boilies, luncheon meat or maggots either on the float, method or more traditional ledger tackle. The use of sweetcorn and a feeder is also popular.

A well tried technique is to fish tinned cubed cat or dog food over trout pellets, although once the fish are in the swim and feeding almost anything seems to work well. Popular pegs for carp anglers are near the old oak tree and those near the overhanging willow tree. Anglers tend to prefer to drop their baits near to the islands when fishing these pegs.

As one would expect for any water which holds carp, floating baits are also successful, particularly during the evenings when floating crust, flake and Chum mixers all work a treat.

With Pool One's growing reputation as a carp water, modern carping techniques are increasingly being used for longer-stay anglers who are traveling from as far afield as Leeds to fish the venue.

Modern baits such as Active 8, strawberry and other fruit flavours are now working well during the summer with fishmeal based boilies and pellets taking over in the colder months.

Unusually for a fishery, lighting has been provided around parts of Pool One and Two to make fishing easier for night anglers. Whilst they are not football stadium strength, they cast sufficient light for anglers to be able to fish by and do not seem to affect the fishing.

Anglers should note that junior under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Pool Two
A popular match venue and mixed fishery, Pool Two is the water nearest the car park at Weston Lawns and holds roach to 1lb 8oz, bream to 7lbs, tench to 6lbs and carp to 25lbs - although at least one fish weighing 31lbs was taken early in 2007. In addition, there are a few catfish which run to about 25lbs which, although there are not many, are caught fairly frequently and are attracting a band of anglers who now fish exclusively for them.

Most of the catfish are caught on legered luncheon meat.

Pool Two is fairly uniform at about five feet deep, although it runs down to about eight feet at its deepest near the outlet end by the electricity pylon.

As with many waters, the most successful techniques for fishing Pool Two change from week to week, although using feeder with sweet corn or worms for the bream and carp usually provides results. Also, an increasing number of anglers are now using pellets and boilies which are proving effective for the carp, particularly in the warmer months.

Pole fishing with maggot, trout pellets or trout paste is also successful - using a mix of two parts crushed trout pellets to one part fine white crumb groundbait and mixing the blend into a paste. It is advisable to mix the paste thicker for fishing in the middle or thinner for fishing closer in.

Many anglers fish the float close in to the islands, but careful casting is called for - as the mass of floats caught in the fringes testifies. Alternatively, it can be just as productive to fish close in to the side.

It is also worth fishing slightly heavier than you would normally for roach and bream as the large head of decent sized carp give a good scrap for their size and can be decievingly strong.

In the summer, a lot of carp are caught in the margins, whilst Peg 27 - known locally as the 'Canal Peg' because the swim between the bank and the island looks like a stretch of canal - is a well-known hot spot. Here the fish favour the shallow water next to the bullrushes just off the island where the water is about four feet deep.

Pool Three
A match and pleasure lake which is ideal for either club events or getting away from it all mid-week, Pool Three holds a good mix of carp and silver fish with roach and rudd to 2lbs but averaging 12oz being the premoninant species backed up with a good head of crucian carp to 1lb 8oz, plenty of skimmer bream, chub between 8oz and 12oz and a small number of tench between 1lb 8oz and 2lbs. In addition, there are a limited number of common and mirror carp to 10lbs.

With 25 pegs, Pool Three was completed in 2002 and was designed specifically with the pole angler in mind averaging 13 metres at its widest. Whilst four hour matches are now generally won with between 40lbs and 60lbs, the match record currently stands at just over 70lbs

The banks go virtually straight down to an even bottom at about seven feet whilst coming out from the islands is a three feet deep shelf about three feet wide which is a popular spot with anglers.

Whilst most anglers fish Pool Three using the pole or whip, it is also a good waggler water - although reaching the far ledge next to the islands can be a bit risky.

As for baits, almost anything goes. Caster and maggots are both probably the most popular baits, sweetcorn is usually effective and an increasing number of anglers are using expander or soft hooking pellets.

Because it is predominantly a silver fish water it pays to use small amount of groundbait mixed with hook samples to attract and hold the fish in the swim.

Log Cabins
Weston Lawns Fisheries Provides Excellent facilities for its guests so they can bring family or friend come to join!!! The log cabins are located in the specimen lake. We offer two Log cabin which have drinks, snacks and sweets as well cooking facilities, TV, hot shower (cabin 2), fridge, kettle and more.

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Some nice fish in specimen lake nice cabins to hire and hot food delivered to your peg


Great poos to fish . Pool 1 for specimen carp sturgeon and catfish . Pool 2 for beginners carp fishing and pool 3 for pole . Amazing place for all fishes


Great little venue for all anglers. We have had some good silver fish sessions and some brilliant days carping. Worth a day out!!!


First time at these lakes arrived at 05.30 and its now 1748, had a very good day 9 carp and 5 bream so far biggest carp being 11 and a half.... The chap next to me had about 12 good size carp also.facilities are excellent too


Fished lake two had s good net off fish. Roach bream tench perch carp. biggest about 15 lb. Nice venue good facilitates. Could do with going around the island to get everyone snapped line lost about three fish because I got tangled up in the old line. Boiles did it for me up close to the island!


Brilliant fishery, great food with a kind chef, only fished it 3 times and caught 2 bream, hard to fish sometimes but still a superb place to fish :)


Ok for a day out. Good facilities. But the specimen pool isn't as good as people think. Never seen a cat come out and the '30lb' have never been seen. Other pools are ok for 'match style' angling.


Well run fishery did an overnight session had a 28lb catfish and 6 carp on pool 1 well worth a visit.



Fish quality boillies between the islands or infront of island one by the first cabin


Fish meaty things like pepperoni in-between the island of pool 1 and you will catch catfish sturgeon carp bream . It took a 8lb sturgeon to find my bait in half a hour .







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