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Pool Bridge Farm

North Yorkshire

Latitude: 53.91072 | Longitude: -1.025657

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Wheldrake Lane, Crockey Hill, York YO19 4SQ YO19 4SQ

01904 633 340


Pool Bridge Farm near York, also known as Fletchers ponds, is a tranquil, picturesque fishery where you will find The Q lake - a specimen Carp fishing lake built in 2008 for the discerning carp angler. The angling complex has a further four coarse fishing lakes which are well stocked with a large variety of silver fish including, Tench, Rudd, Roach, Bream and some very big Perch! There is an on-site cafe as well as ladies, gents and disabled toilet facilities to help ensure that your fishing trip is as enjoyable as possible. Showers are also provided for those of you that are night fishing.


Horseshoe Lake
The Horseshoe Lake at Pool Bridge Farm is a mixed coarse fishing lake that has some impressive records and match weights. Known records caught in the lake last year were a 3.6lb Roach, a 6.2lb Chub, a 7.8lb Tench, a 27.6lb Mirror Carp and a 4.2lb Perch. The match record currently stands at 173lb. The average depth of the lake is around 7ft with a few areas going to 10ft if you know where to find them. The lake will comfortably accommodate 32 anglers.

Normans Lake
Normans Lake at Pool Bridge Farm is an 18-peg match lake, dug and stocked with the match-fisherman in mind, has a habit of throwing up some real surprises for you anglers! The average depth of the lake is 7ft with a few deeper holes. The pinnacle has recently been changed into an island, which has transformed the way in which the lake fishes. Matches are now being won from any of the pegs on the lake. This is a great lake if you fancy doing some pleasure fishing to catch big Tench, Bream, Crucians or Silvers. Carp can also be found in this lake to lower doubles and fishing close to the islands can produce good results.

Normans Lake can be booked for Club matches on Sundays throughout the year.

Carp Lake
The Carp Lake at Pool Bridge Farm is a runs water heavily stocked with carp weighing in the late singles to early doubles. The carp from the Old Coarse Lake have recently been moved to the Willows Lake and the Environment Agency has netted the lake to remove the unwanted silver fish. The number of anglers allowed onto the lake has been reduced and permanent pegs have been put in place, this will ensure that the fishing remains of the highest quality. The lake cannot be night fished and no matches are held on this lake, it is available for pleasure angling only.

Old Coarse Lake
The Old Coarse Lake at Pool Bridge Farm was originally dug in the 1960‘s but has just undergone a major renovation during the winter months. The lake was completely drained and de-silted and the banks have been reshaped. The water level is about 1ft higher than it was previously. The banks have now been turfed and the pegs have been put in. The lily pads have been re-planted in a strip down the centre of the lake. The lake was stocked with just silver fish but we have recently stocked it with just under 1000 common and mirror carp!

The Old Coarse Lake is also available to be booked for matches.

The Q
The Q is our Specimen Carp Lake that opened on 1st May 2009. On the opening night over 75 fish were caught including four 20's! The lakes unique design allows 13 anglers to fish without conflict from the central island. The lake has been stocked with around 200 hand-picked carp up to 28lb.

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Q lake is good :-))


Horseshoe pond seemed very good even in hard hailstone conditions, plenty of carp and bream caught.


Great looking venue, great cafe and friendly staff. residential side is good calue for money too. Fish can be caught all day long. Had my first 100 weight here :) - pellet and prawn worked well.


nice place.


just started going here. been three times and really enjoyed



<p>great place for top results on horseshoe pond pellet and red/white maggot as all around the pool 6m out is a bar and is a great holding spot or in margin carp and tench main catch </p>


In the warmer months, fish on the inner corner of the carp lake where it's narrowest (Round the back area). Feed up pellets to the far bank around the over hanging vegetation. The most successful rig here for me was 18" rig, allow for around 8-10" from tip to float too. Simple layout: staggered shot starting from 2-4" under float to allow for a slow bait drop but a quick float set. Use hard pellet on a banded rig. Throw in a few offerings and lower your rig in soon after. I've had over 100lb gross weight on this method.










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