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Ravenfield Ponds

South Yorkshire

Latitude: 53.45726 | Longitude: -1.264526

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Ravenfield, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S65 4ND

01709 363 788


Ravenfield Ponds coarse fishery is situated near the village of Old Ravenfield, near Rotherham in South Yorkshire. The fishery is situated in a secluded valley that makes for a peaceful days fishing, away from traffic noise, with beautiful scenery and a large range of flora and fauna, some unique to the site. The fishery is made up of six fishing lakes that contain tench, crucian carp, bream, roach, rudd, perch, gudgeon, eels, mirror carp and common carp. There are several car parks on site and vehicular access is by key only, making it very safe car parking.


New Pond
A small pond with approximately 15 pegs, stuffed with skimmers, crucian carp, perch, roach, rudd and particularly tench.

The average depth is a comfortable 5 feet and and there are features such as the lilies, lag irises, bulrushes and the fish refuge. The refuges are found on most of the ponds and were introduced after the ponds suffered heavily from cormorant predation about seven years ago. They consist of floating rafts that can support aquatic plant life which provide cover for the fish when cormorants are about (we have a current Natural England permit to shoot some of these birds as a deterrent).

Although the New Pond provides easy fishing for novices to learn or practice on it also contains some excellent tench to 6lbs and an odd double figure carp so there is plenty for all.

For those unable to walk far there is a car park on the bank!

Specimen Carp Lake
This pond is reserved solely for the use of carp anglers and is the only pond on which night fishing is allowed (subject to having the correct permit).

There is a large stock of specimen carp with most in excess of 15lbs, going to high twenties. The average fish weight of fish caught in 2007 was between eighteen and nineteen pounds with thirty two 'twenties' being taken. The three largest fish caught in 2007 were 25lbs 4ozs, 23lbs 2ozs & 23lbs. The situation improved in 2009 when Dennis Campini landed 26lbs 12ozs mirror and Mark Dunwell landed five mirrors weighing 17lbs, 19lbs, 20lbs, 21lbs and 23lbs during one night!

By March approximately 59 catches of 20+lbs fish had been made, many of them commons.

A group of small carp around three to five pounds has been seen recently, but none of these have been caught yet. The origins of these fish are unknown, but they may be offspring, or perhaps they were washed down from Firsby during the floods.

Great Pond
This is the largest of the ponds at almost 3 acres and has some 37 pegs. The stock in this pond is similar to that in the other silver fish waters, with loads of skimmer bream, some going to 4lbs, tench to over 6lbs, perch to 4lbs, roach and crucian carp to 11/2lbs and plenty of rudd. All methods have been shown to work in this pond and all baits, maggots, casters, pellets, bread etc have their day.

This pond is used for the club matches  and on any particular day several species and methods can win, but best of all is that there are so many pegs that can win too, and the backing weights are usually within a pound or two of the winner.

The shallowest water can be found at the smallest and highest peg numbers, 21and 57 which is opposite, and is about 6 feet deep. At the dam wall, mid 30 peg numbers, the depth is nearer to 9 feet.

Kingfisher Pond
This pond has more 'Mr Crabtree' pegs than any other - for those that aren't old enough to remember, this means that they have lots of fish holding features, which Mr Crabtree was always pointing out to Peter in the comic strip. This pond has a large proportion of crucians and tench together with some decent bream and huge perch.

The pegs at the top end of the pond are shallow, at perhaps only 3 feet deep. At the far, dam wall end the depth reaches 8/9 feet, and typically these pegs fish better in the winter. Indeed, all of the ponds are deeper at the dam ends.

Bridge Pond
This pond has been redeveloped over the past few years. The committee identified a need for a pond which we could be opened to the match fishing public, and we now have a 27 peg pond stocked with lots of carp to 10lbs, crucians, roach, rudd, skimmers, tench and perch to a high stock density, which is producing lots of double figure bags.

Pond depths vary from 3 feet, where the stream runs in to almost 6 feet where it leaves.

Burcliffe Pond
This pond is at the far end of the site, probably half a mile from the entrance. This pond is between 20 and 35 metres wide and is only fished from the East bank. There are 20 pegs, all with solid, cast concrete blocks and easy access from an adjoining car park. This pond has a large head of skimmers, tench and crucians, and is a favourite with those anglers looking to bag up on pellets.

Burcliff has a good, even depth varying from 5 feet in the high numbered pegs to 7 feet in the low numbers towards the far end of the pond.

Favourite methods on this water include the pole fished over the shelf in the margins for crucian carp and tench, the waggler fished down the middle or the feeder thrown across. Again all baits are successful on their day.

There are two fish refuges on this lake with more planned.

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Cracking venue very well maintained the best looking fish around I absolutely love this place.












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