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Bax Farm Fisheries


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Tonge, Kent ME9 9BU ME9 9BU

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Bax farm fishery is in Tonge in the Garden of England, namely Kent, and consists of 4 lakes and a small river all set in a peaceful country farm estate. The lakes hold a good head of carp and for the real carp fisherman there is the speciman lake where you will get carp up to 30lb. The other lakes all hold carp up to 10lb so these can be a great starting point for anyone wanting to try their hand at carp fishing.


Lake One
This lake holds a good head of carp with the biggest close to 30lb. There are many double figure carp in this lake and this is usually fished by the more experienced carp angler. The lake also produces Barbel to 8lb Bream to 8lb and Tench to 7lb. This lake has 4 small islands plus a deep trough running through the middle where some of the bigger fish have been caught.

Lake Two
Lake two has carp up to around 18lb plus Tench, Chub, Roach, Rudd and Bream. There is one long island and a smaller one at the top end of the lake and fishing in tight to these always produces nice results.

Lake Three
This lake holds a good variety of fish with Carp to18lb Barbel to 8lb Tench to 5lb Bream to 5lb Perch to 3lb Chub to 4lb. The lake is narrow at one end and opens into a heart shape where the fish like to feed.

Lake Four
Lake Four is an excellent lake for beginners and families. There is a good selection of fish including, Perch, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Gudgeon as well as some very nice carp to around 4lb.  Even the more experienced angler will enjoy this lake for its variety.

The stream is split into three sections and has some nice fish including Carp to around 20lb, Chub, Tench, Roach, Bream, Rudd and is over 30 feet wide.

Trout Section
With Rainbow Trout up to around 10lb and even bigger Brown Trout this section is ideal for beginners as well as the more experienced fly angler.

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Good spread of lakes ranging from beginner to specimen. The "pan" lake is always good for a day session, plenty of 5-10lb carp in there and a few decent tench; and there's a handful of double figures in there too. The specimen can be tough to fish but the rewards are worth it, there's plenty of island features to fish to, but open water seems to be the where the biggies spend most of their time. Bottom baits are the best bet, not seen much come off the top even though the do come up in the early evening chasing insects. All the bottoms are clay or silt. Can get very busy at weekends. I've never fished the river section but plenty of people go there regularly.


Forgot to mention that the tackle shop is well worth a visit and all the guys that work there are full of advice. They'll do you a good deal on some larger items (bivvies, nets etc) if you shop there often enough. Their bacon butties are amazing too, never tried the rest of the menu though.


Try the stream for some superb tench fishing, shame they took all the bigger carp out though.



Pan Lake - Soaked 2mm fishmeal pellets on a method feeder with a 8mm fishmeal pellet on the hook. I've hit over 20 carp on a day session with a few tench thrown in as well. Margins do really well. Specimen - Bottom baits or pop-ups on a very short rig only. Never seen anything come out on the top or a zig. Cell boilies have been getting results as well as plain luncheon meat.


Float fish sweetcorn on the stream for tench, luncheon meat can be good to.




Brown Trout





Rainbow Trout





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