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Woodpeckers Coarse Fishery

West Sussex

Latitude: 51.12127 | Longitude: -0.132428

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Old Hollow Worth Near Crawley West Sussex RH10 4TA RH10 4TA

01293 886598


Four waters in a peaceful setting in West Sussex.


Woodpeckers Lake
This beautiful, popular water has 30 pegs. Very well stocked with a large selection of species including 5 species of Carp to 27 lb +, Tench and Bream up to 7 lb +, Perch and Chub to 4 lb +, also Rudd, Roach and ornamentals. Baits most popular on Woodpeckers are (year round) maggots, sweetcorn, luncheon meat (especially popular), and floating baits – crust and dog biscuits – are good summer baits. Match winning weights on Woodpeckers are often in the 70lb + area.

Ospreys Lake
For something a little different, fish off one of our bridge-linked islands. Ospreys is our newest lake and is now a firm favourite with a lot of our regulars. Again, a very well stocked lake with similar species to Woodpeckers, but with 40 pegs. Perch in Ospreys reach a very healthy 5 lb +, and also holding good numbers of Chub. Summer floating baits – dog biscuits and crusty bread – guarantee very good sport. Year round baits – maggots, sweetcorn and luncheon meat. Again – match weights reach 70lb + on Ospreys.

Newt's Predator Pond
Perfect for plugs and spinner fishing year round. This 15 peg pond holds Perch up to 3 lb + and Jack Pike. Also carp up to 18 lb +. Best baits for Newts are lures, maggots, crust, luncheon meat and worms.

Penny's Pond
A small, fun fishing water ideal for children. Lots of Goldfish, Shubunkin, Golden Rudd and Carp to 3 lb plus other species – all of which respond well to maggots and bread. Penny's Pond is the oldest of our 4 lakes.

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hpe harry

Great fishing In the summer months, bread or dog biscuit off the top will get you a decent carp or five! Some big carp to be had and alot of ghost carp too.


Went there yesterday. Bailiff and management were very nice. Seemed an even split between mirror, common and ghost which was nice to see











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