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Newland Hall Fishery


Latitude: 51.76049 | Longitude: 0.368315

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Newland Hall Roxwell Chelmsford Essex CM1 4LH CM14LH

01245 231463


The four fishing lakes total approximately 10 acres. They are all very well managed, very tidy and are heavily stocked. There is ample close by parking, toilets and drinking water.


The Brook Lake is pegged for 50. It is heavily stocked with common and mirror carp up to 30lb, roach and tench. The lake is ideal for carp, match or pleasure fishing.

The Moat Lake is pegged for 30. It is very heavily stocked with common and mirror carp and roach. The average size of fish is smaller than the Brook Lake, which makes it perfect for both match and pleasure fishing. Match winning weights regularly exceed 300lb (see angling press).

The Park Lake is pegged for 15. It is stocked to a similar density to the Moat Lake and therefore is perfect for pleasure fishing and small matches.

The Moat Lake, Brook Lake and Park Lake are available for day/night fishing and bookable for matches. We do not book individual swims for day and night tickets; this is operated on a first come first served basis.

Please telephone 01245 231463 to check lake availability and make match bookings.

Security - Newland Hall Bailiffs, Environment Agency Bailiffs and security personnel patrol the Car Park, Toilets and Fishing Lakes regularly 24 hours a day. All large fish are electronically tagged. A security system will alert us if an attempt is made to remove fish from the fishery.

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Great runs water !


Very cold and icy day but still caught a 21lb carp. Love this water


Just did a 24hour session, 32 fish from Brook Lake, really good runs water


I could not believe my eyes on arrival all we could see was rubbish all around the bins provided and not in them even on the specimen lake I was shocked and the bailiff was not even shocked like its a regular thing


Have only ever fished the match lake. Think it's probably the heaviest stocked match lake I've seen. You can literally see shadows all over the water. I fish floating expander pellets and catch all day non stop. On average carp are around 2lb to 5lb but I've caught them up to 10lb and I'm told they reach about 16lb. I would advise using larger pellets if you want to avoid small stuff. But if you want to catch a lot this is the place to go, the fish will literally be fighting for your bait. A bit too easy for my liking and some of the fish aren't in great condition.



Pineapple boileys work well all year round and of course bread summer is grate for free lineing


Bread ! You will use loads of it !







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