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Clavering Lakes


Latitude: 51.98585 | Longitude: 0.132047

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Clavering Farm, Mill Lane, Clavering, Essex CB11 4RL CB11 4RL

01799 550261


Clavering Lakes are a series of five purpose dug fishing lakes, established in 1991. They consist of a specimen carp lake, a match lake, two silver fish lakes and a trout lake.


Specimen Lake
This popular lake has recently undergone some major changes to enable there to be more room for anglers.  It has been enlarged to 3.5 acres, allowing for another 10 swims. It is well stocked with common carp, weighing up to 30 lbs, mirror, crucian and ghost carp and was restocked with 27 carp weighing from 17 to 25lbs. when it was enlarged.

Night fishing is available, but must be booked in advance as numbers are limited. Juniors under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Match Lake
The match lake is a 2.5 acre lake, stocked with perch, bream, rudd, tench and carp and can be booked for competitions. The top match weight is 150lbs and bags of 50-60lbs are not uncommon depending on conditions.

Day tickets can be bought when there is no competition taking place.

Silver Lake
The Silver Lake  is a new lake of 1.5 acres, to provide for the fishermen who enjoy fishing the match lake but who don’t want to fish the carp lake on match days. This lake is stocked with perch, rudd, bream, roach, tench and small carp.

Lower Lake
The Lower Lake is a heavily stocked mixed coarse fishery, with selected species from roach through to bream, with golden rudd, tench and chubb. Primarily this is a pole and float angling water which has had the species carefully selected to compliment this type of angling. It will not be stocked with common or mirror carp. It is available for day tickets and for small, intimate matches for 10 – 15 anglers.

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Very nice place & clean & the fishing is hard but can be rewarding had my pb 2011 (22lbs 20oz).


Cracking Venue. Superb fishing on all the lakes. Specimen Carp lake is my favourite as a match angler. Days fishing can produce 100lb + net of bream. 200lb+ if you can nick a few Carp in there as well.


Fished Speci lake as a match angler on Wendesday 11th April. Weather was sunny intervals with some light rain showers. Peg 6, 11m pole, pellet and clicked a weight of 131lb. Cracking mixed bag of Roach to 1lb, Bream to 4lb with plenty of skimmers and Carp to 14lb (on the pole). Margin fishing is excellent if you can get it right. Had some nice late afternoon margin fishing for carp around 10lb mark. Can't wait until it warms up properly! Don't come with your Carp gear, you'll have 1 or 2 in a day of you are lucky. Light feeder fishing with pellet is way forward and you'll catch all day!


Fished Match lake today. Hot day with Carp basking in every margin imaginable. Had 206lb of fish in 7 hours fishing....despite the Carp spawning. Unbelievable fishing. Great venue - oh and another amazing brekkie! All carp between 2 and 7lbs. Good fighters.


Good lake fish it often got my PB 24lb 3 weeks ago


Fantastic lake(match) a must for clubs. Even with the wearer as hot as it was carp still coming out. Pellet waggler a must. 6/8mm cubes of meat. Corn on the feeder. Owner even goes down the shop for you when you lose your fags. (Top bloke)


Had a good few sessions at clavering. Match lake is very easy to catch on and can produce big weights of fish. Carp lake is a little harder in my opinion. Had a nice 18lb common at 5am on my most recent session. I also saw a few anglers catching 5-6 double figure carp in the space of a few hours on floating expander pellets. This definitely seems to be the preferred method in the evening if its hot and sunny.


Great Lake , nice 24lb caught on specimen lake. Also the Lodge food is cracking . The price could be a tad lower for the food but the service the provide is second to none .



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