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Woodside Bungalow, Tenbury Road, Cleobury Mortimer, nr. Kidderminster, Worcs. DY14 0BU DY14 0BU

01299 270565


Woodside Fishery is a recently established fishing complex set within the beautiful rolling hills and pasture lands of the South Shropshire countryside. There are three pools available to both the pleasure and match angler alike, all offering superb day ticket fishing.


Woodside Pool
Woodside pool is the most mature of the three pools on site. The pool was constructed back in 1997, and has been available to fish since 1999. The pools is stocked heavily with all major species of coarse fish but mainly Carp and Tench, with individuals reaching 29lb 8oz and 10lb 1oz respectively. Depths vary from 1.5ft to 12ft, with the average depth being between 3-4ft.

Woodside pool caters for both the amateur and experienced angler alike and fishes all year round. Good weights can be achieved on a variety of popular methods and baits making large match and pleasure weights a realistic possibility for any angler of any pedigree. The current match weight record stands at 186-12 caught by D. Bowyer on 19/08/10.

Tried and tested methods include waggler or pole fished corn, meat (luncheon or cat meat), and pellets (which are available to buy on site) tight in the margins or 3-5 metres out depending on water temperature. The key is to keep the bait going in! Larger Carp and Tench can be caught using a light feeder or ledger set up fished close to the island. However, most of the larger Carp are caught on the surface during warm evenings using either floating bread or dog biscuits.

Island Pool
The second longest standing pool on the complex is the Island pool, named because of its two islands. The pool is home to fewer species with Carp, Bream and Roach being the most dominant. This pool presents the angler with more of a challenge, but with greater rewards with Carp averaging 2-3lb, Bream averaging 1lb + and F1 hybrids to over 3lb. The pool is also popular amongst younger anglers in search of their first catch with plenty of small Roach and Rudd to be had.

Depths average between 4-6ft with drop-offs reaching aprox. 15ft on the dam wall. Popular methods include pole fished meat and/or corn for large weights of mixed size Carp, Bream and Roach from close in and pole fished maggot/ castor for large catches of both Roach and Rudd. A good tip is not to neglect the margins! The pool fishes all year round, but can produce some exceptional fishing in the colder months due to the deeper water. The current match weight record stands at 158lb 8oz caught by K. Gray on 14th July 2010.

The Island pool is accessible to both disabled and elderly fishermen with a large car park close by and secure wooden staging around the pool, catering for aprox. twenty five (25) anglers.

House Pool
Named because of its close proximity to the owners property, the third pool available to fish is the "House Pool".

The pool was completed back in January 2004 and is fishing well with pleasure weights exceeding l00lb. The pool is home to Roach, Rudd, Carp, Bream, Tench and even Barbel - the largest specimen currently stands at 11lb 2oz!

Depths average between 4-6ft with deeper areas of water approaching 8-10ft. Among the more popular methods are pole fished corn and castor for mixed bags with the resident Carp being tempted with a conventional meat and pellet approach. Try a lobworm or two for the Barbel.

Charlie's Pool
"Charlie's Pool" is the latest addition to Woodside Fishery. The pool was originally excavated for the growth and development of Koi Carp and other ornamental fish. However, due to a change in direction, the pool is now being developed specifically with the pleasure angler in mind.

The pool will cater for approximately fithteen anglers (although this is yet to be confirmed) and will not be match fished. Depths vary from 2.5-10ft with the average depth being between 4-6ft.

Facilities include:

  • Large car park
  • Toilet on site
  • Hot / cold food and drink available all year round
  • Spacious accomodation set in secluded woodland

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