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Alders Farm Fishery


Latitude: 51.95362 | Longitude: -0.684911

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Ivy Lane, Great Brickhill, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire , MK17 9AH MK17 9AH

01525 261713


Set in a picturesque valley near the village of Great Brickhill, Nr Milton Keynes, Alders Farm Fishery offers a great deal to the Match, Specimen and Pleasure Angler alike. The spring fed lakes cover a total of 3 and a half acres and offer a full variety of sport. As a direct result of the mineral-rich spring feeds, the venue has built a reputation of producing bumper fish to 30lb plus and bulging match weights to well over 200lb in the depth of winter.


Match Lake
The match lake has established itself as one of the finest of it's kind in the UK. Even in winter the winning bags can exceed 200lb of mostly carp in the 2lb to 5lb range. The odd bigger fish will put in an appearance to keep the matchmen honest, and with fish into double figures a few of these can be the difference between winning and loosing.

Matches have been won on Pellet, Paste, Corn, Maggot and Luncheon Meat, indeed the winning pegs are as varied as the winning baits, making Alders Farm Match Lake a popular venue in the Open Match scene around Milton Keynes and the South of England.

Pole, waggler or feeder tactics, depending on conditions, can all figure during the 5 hour match period, although those pegs on the popular islands seem to get a little more feeder action than others.

Specimen Lake
The specimen water on this three lake venue is around tree and a half acres in size and boasts a couple of small islands that are obvious features. We have stocked some very, very big Carp to add to the stock that was already present. While many of these have already spawned successfully, the average size of the the Carp in this lake is very big. To complement the huge head of twenties, estimated at 50% of the stock density, there are at least 15 thirties, and all available on a day-ticket priced at £15 per day (dawn 'til dusk) or £24 to include a Night Ticket.

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We had a club match on the match lake and my arm aches 2 days later from the rod bending action all round the lake 211lb won the match highly recommeded cant wait to go back


Had a match on the silver lake 70 lb won the match as a club we will be booking 4 matchs at the fishery next year If you have not gone there yet you are missing out on some really great fishing has to be up there as one of the best in the counrty.


Great fisherie more fish than water had great fun on 6lb line on a match rod


Good fishery great for beginners. Just a few silly rules need to be changed until I give it a five star


Fish the bream lake in a club match did very well won the match. there was a lot of big bream out & a few big carp Everyone caught. A great day out again as always here fished all 3 lakes now never had a bad day 5 stars


Way too easy and the fishes mouths are deformed


Really Easy to fish hear but it's nice waters





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