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Latitude: 52.47425 | Longitude: -1.407121

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Arbury Farm, Withybrook Road, Bulkington, Warwickshire CV12 9JW CV12 9JW

02476 310695


Parkers Fishery is a well established and mature venue with easy access to two well stocked pools, Jacks Pool and Rickys Pool.


Jack's Pool
Jack's Pool is the main pleasure angling pool of the venue. An easy water to fish for all abilities and fishing styles.
Species of fish include, Common, Mirror and Ghost Carp. A large proportion of the Carp are between 4lbs and 8lbs with a good number pushing low doubles.

There are also large quantities of F1 Carp (hybrids) and Crucians. Other species regularly fished for and easily caught are Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Chub and Perch.

The driveway around the pool makes fishing easy as you can park right behind your peg so no need to carry your fishing tackle too far, unless you want to fish from the 'point', which means you have to leave your car in the car park, where you will find the cafe, toilet block and rubbish bins.

Disabled anglers will also find some of the pegs suitable for wheelchairs, especially along the left hand bank as viewed from the cafe.

Ricky's Pool
Built primarily for match anglers, the Pool is Rectangular in shape with a moat like appearance with a causeway leading to the large central island. On this island is space for parking and 27 nicely set-out pegs. With the banks gently sloping down to four feet, this is a great match venue that is available to any club for match bookings or day ticket anglers when matches are not taking place.

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Brilliant fishery for first time anglers, always guaranteed a catch. Fish arnt massive but to just pull em out it's spot on.



Use a pellet waggler with a small pellet about 3/4 away from the bank, once the float has hit the water cast 3-4 pellets over the top. Guaranteed catch!










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