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Latitude: 52.3243 | Longitude: -0.591441

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A45, Raunds, Northamptonshire NN9 6 NN9 6

07850 818850


Located in Northamptonshire, the Complex consists of 6 mature lakes, including a day ticket specimen carp lake with fish to 39lb, and a syndicate carp lake.


Coot Lake
This is our smallest, of around 12 pegs, and has received a large amount of extra fish, including carp, tench, roach, rudd, and crucians.

Car Park Lake
This lake has 16 pegs,and as the name suggests, is located next to the main car park, giving easy access. It has a large stocking of small carp, and is an ideal venue for pleasure fishing, or small matches. We have built some double platforms which are ideal for family use. ie. father and son.

Mallard Lake
31 Pegs. This lake will suit a variety of anglers, and is our "Runs" water. Although mainly fished for carp, (the biggest weighing  over 26lb),  it also holds tench to over 9lb, crucians over 3lb and bream.
An excellent  day ticket water, which can also be booked  for matches. Contact Phil on: 07974 300015

Elsons Lake
A beautiful lake of over 6 acres, steeped in carp fishing history, offering tench, pike, and large carp.The biggest recorded carp was just over 39lb and was caught in 2004, and there are currently 6 known 30lb+ fish. Pike have been caught at over 23lb. A maximum of 12 anglers, and due to demand, booking is necessary

Swan Lake
This lake is around 5 acres in size and has 30 pegs, it has been substantially restocked with roach,rudd, carp and bream. It is  open for pleasure anglers and match fishing. This lake is starting to become quite popular for carping now that the stocked fish are growing on. The average size expected would be between 4lb - 8lb, although a lot of doubles are beginning to show now and  mid twenties have been caught. There is a car park, conveniently located next to the lake, so you can drive right to it.

Roman Lake - (Syndicate Only)
Roman lake is our syndicate lake, its about 9 acres. An area known as The Arm, which is about 2 acres, is shut for the close season  (March 15th -June 16th) which still leaves about 7 acres open all year. Since taking over the complex, the stock in this lake has steadily increased, and at a rough estimate, there are now approaching 200 carp, from doubles, numerous twenties and thirties, up to the current record for the lake, which is a 41lb common. As part of our long term stocking policy this number will steadily increase. Members get a key to a syndicate car park which has a locked gate. There is a waiting list at the moment, and as we only allow 26 members at any time, we suggest you complete our online syndicate application, if you are interested in joining at some point in the future.

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A really good complex for fishing of all abilities. Elsons lake has very large carp but is a hard lake to fish, swims are well placed. Day and night tickets available.

Karl Finlay

Excellent lakes. Elsons lake I'm told has only 87 carp in and can be hard to catch but they are 25-40lbs with a few smaller. Mallard lake is my favourite, their runs water... Very good lake with carp up to 29lbs. Worth a visit!!!

big benji

Great fisherie, very well laid out with good sized clean swims. Elsons lake and am told other lakes very weedy. No catch in 24 hrs on Elsons but am told very hard water.


We have blanked 4 times in a row here, can barely even catch a roach on five tackle. I've seen hardly anything else caught and the 'toilet' is revolting. Never going here again.


Fished swan for two days as marked was fishing slow. We were the only people to catch, heavy spodding with particles and loading five kilos of boilies over the two days ended up with 12 carp to 15lb one tench. Lost 8.


One of my mate was fishing over the weekend said its great but the one he was with got a 6bl common


Had 6 carps 13lb to 21lb 8oz great place to go








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