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The Warren Fishery


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Stanford-le-Hope, Thurrock, Essex


The Warren Fishery comprises three very different lakes which can be fished on a Day Ticket, Season Ticket, or as a Member. We also have a fourth lake for Members and Season Ticket holders only.


The Main Lake
The Main Lake of The Warren is an old, but nicely matured and picturesque gravel pit. Although approximately 28 acres in size it's not just one sheer, featureless expanse of water. It's broken up by numerous islands, channels, reed beds and little secluded bays. Under the surface there are lots of alluring features too, which are just crying out to be fished. There are numerous gravel bars, humps & tabletops, big gravel plateaux, deep silt pockets which the bloodworm thrive in, and lily pads. The depths range from 2ft to 10ft+ in places, depending a lot on water levels and time of year.

The Main Lake is stocked with specimen-sized fish of most species. There is a good head of Carp, with many fish over the 20lb mark (about 50%) and a further 15% or so being over 25lb. With our continuous feeding programme weights are only going to increase. There are also 3 known 30lb+ Mirrors with 2 suspected 30lb+ Commons. At the start of 2006 we stocked 45 'Mark Simmonds' Mirrors ranging from 11lb to 26lb, which are coming on well. In 2009 we stocked 25 small Mirrors.

The Square Lake
This lake, as the name suggests, is square in shape and about 1½ to 2 acres in size. It used to be joined to the Main Lake but was separated a few years ago in order to create a lake to hold a large head of Carp. The intention was to create a 'runs water'. Over the years it has been stocked with the smaller Carp (under 15lb) from the Main Lake and although there are lots of them in there, they are putting on weight. The biggest one in there is around the 29lb mark and there are also quite a few twenties. The average weight of Carp is probably 10 - 12lb, but there are a good head of upper doubles present.

Although this lake holds predominately Carp, it also holds good shoals of Bream, Tench, Crucians, Pike and all of the silver fish. Plus the Square holds a few hundred F1 hybrid Carp which range from 1lb to around 6 or 7lb at the most due to them only being designed to grow to that size.

The Match Lake
Although this lake is known as the Match Lake it is now designed for pleasure anglers to come down and have a good days' fishing. The lake is 2½ to 3 acres in size and has 31 pegged swims, which in the near future are going to be rebuilt to make many of them fully accessible. Most of the swims around the lake have reed cover which holds fish, and it gives a feature to fish to.

A lot of time, effort and money have gone into the Match Lake in recent years to improve the quality of the fishing. The lake has been heavily stocked with over 5000lbs of fish and now contains a large head of quality fish, with quite a few approaching specimen sizes. Bream to over 9lb and Tench approaching 11lb have been caught in recent years. Also, a lot of hard work has been put in to try and keep the Pike stock under control, so they don't become a problem and attack everything that swims.

There are large shoals of Bream and Tench to target, 100lb+ bags are not uncommon on a good day. Plus if you are lucky you may catch one of the many Crucians that were stocked a few years ago, although they haven't shown themselves until recently. There are also Chub in here and Blue Orfe, which are yet to show themselves.

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Well worth a visit, not the easiest but some very nice fish


Enjoy the match lake 6 tench between a pound and 3 1/2lb in three hours and a couple of bream on cubes of meat or soft hooker pellets close in good fun


Just had a great day a 23lb & 20 6oz commons & a 19lb 3 oz mirror


Lost one got one fish called the Parrot! 28lb 8oz pb excellent! Ive had four fish from the Warren three over 20lb


The last review suggested the Parrot but later advised this fish is called 123!


Third time and another catch 20 lb common love this place


Mate do you have any tips or tricks for catch carp? And what lake should you fish. Thanks, see you on the bank sometime


Something not right with the match lake at the minute. Very hard days fishing. Nothing showing. Also very weedy on the bottom.


This used to be a good pike water but well over fished now












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