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Fields Farm Fisheries


Latitude: 53.15667 | Longitude: -2.358554

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Congleton Rd, Sandbach, Cheshire

01270 753 074


Fields Farm Fisheries is one of the best fisheries in the North West, with 5 different shaped pools. Excellent mixed stock means the fishing is magic!


Far Hope Pool
Fishing on Far Hope is around a central island, and offers excellent fishing for the match man or pleasure angler alike. Generously stocked with Carp, Bream, Crucian, Rudd, Roach and scale-perfect Tench, the pool has widely-spaced pegs offering varying distances. (1 acre / 22 pegs).

Big Beam Pool
Stocking is similar to Far Hope, but  with the addition of Chubb and Barbel. Big Beam is the largest pool here at Fields Farm. A canal by design, Big Beam has match and pole fishing in mind, with nearly all of the pegs fishing at 13.5 metres to a feature. Split into three legs, this pool can accommodate small or large matches alike. (2 acres / 52 pegs)

Kingfisher Pool
Kingfisher Pool carries a far more mature stock than the match waters, and offers excellent all year round fishing. Ghost, Mirror and Common Carp are all present, reading weights towards the 20lb mark. Tench to 6lb, Bream to 7lb are also catchable, with Barbel, Chub, Crucian, Roach, Rudd and Perch all reaching reasonable sizes. (1.5 acres / 32 pegs)

Stock Pool
Fish present are Crucian, Rudd, Roach, the odd Tench and snappy little Perch. Stock Pool is an ideal pool for the novice angler. (0.1 acres / 5 pegs)

Sandy Pool
This irregularly-shaped lake has many features to investigate, including the sunken island where fish can always be found. A good head of quality Mirrors can be found in this pool as well as quality Crucian, Rudd, Roach, Bream and Perch. (1.3 acres / 33 pegs)

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First visit today and not one single fish. The big pond was off limits as there was a fishing match on so used the "kingfisher pond". Only person who caught regularly was a guy using a pole. I used method feeder for one rod and float with sweet on other. Only 3 nibbles all day. Hopefully can get better. Heard from the boys there that cheese does very well on there.


Great place well stocked .



Sandy pool Method works well right upto the island.












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