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Sherwood Forest Farm Park Fishery


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Sherwood Forest Farm Park Fishery is 3 miles North East of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. A mixed fishery catering for all angling needs. Five lakes (185 pegs) set in Twenty acres of Sherwood Forest along side the river Maun.


Cavendish Lake approx. 1 acre 25 pegs oblong shaped reed fringed, 60m wide fishing from one bank only. Depth 3-6 feet with the deepest end being at peg 1. A mixed lake with roach-1lb carp- 24lb, rudd, tench big gudgeon and lots of flying skimmer bream- 2lb that leap out of the water when you strike. Pole, Wagler and the Feeder all work well throughout the year, but the pole fished down the margins or out to 11m is best. Sweetcorn, meat, maggots and paste all produce well fished over a bed off carp pellets. Chopped worm and caster is excellent in winter for the Roach.

This lake is for pleasure fishing only and keepnets are not allowed. (Limited matches are held in winter only)

Maunside 20 peg strip lake
11 - 13m wide 5 feet deep. stocked with small carp, chub barble and orfe, mainly pole fishing across to the far shelf, bite a cast on maggot, Hemp, caster for mainly chub. Pellets and small pieces of meat and corn fished on the bottom at about 9m for small carp. The match record is now 102lb 7oz caught by  Graham Eden fishing a match with  Mansfield AA he fished pole and worm for chub - 1.5lb and late in the match changed to bread flake fished on the far self for carp - 4lb from peg 11.The club match record stands at 90lb held by Pete Tatley from the Durham Ox he caught mostly chub on pole and caster.
Keepnets in matches only.

Sherwood Lake 4.75 acre 64 pegs large S shaped.
reed fringed, fishing both sides.
Peg 1 near the bailiff's cabin on the field side is 3ft deep to 5.5ft in peg 45 on the roadside.
15 different species in this lake including carp- 20lb tench-6lb roach & orfe-2lb and bream to 4lb. Match weights to nearly 80lb and lots of pleasure nets over 100lb.
There are lots of islands and under water bars, lily's, reeds etc. but between pegs 42-54 there are no features as such but this is where the bream live.
Fishing the same as Cavendish but more inclined to fish pole & worm and pole & pellet or meat over a bed of carp pellets or hemp.
Wagler and maggot fished on a 22 hook will always get you a roach.
Regular open & club matches are run on this lake and you can use your keepnet for pleasure fishing.

Langdale Channel is less than 1-acre oval shaped with an island in the middle from where you fish the 30 pegs. The Channel is max. 11.5m wide by 5ft deep and filled to the top with Silverfish and small carp. Pole and whip are the best methods maggot, pinkie and caster scoring the best, but dont forget corn and pellet. The biggest fish in the channel is just over the 2 pound mark with loads around 8oz. (but a 4lb3oz eel as been caught from the channel, see pics) Popular for both club and pleasure Angler, lots of bites and fish to be had. Keepnets can be used for pleasure fishing.

Holmedale Lake 2.5 acres, with 56 pegs.
Irregular shaped reed fringed, with lily pads and islands. Depth is less than 2ft at peg 18 to 5ft at peg 31 with an average of 3 feet.
Pole and feeder are the best methods including method feeder. Pole fished in the margins or at 12m out is best. sweetcorn, meat soft pellet and paste over carp pellets for lots of carp 12oz -15lb in match weights to over 100lb. Method feeder cast tight to the islands also produces lots of fish. The open match record is held by Pete Hodgetts from Mansfield Woodhouse with a level 194lb, (see big weights page)156lb is the best club match weight and pleasure catches regular exceed 200lb. Carp dominate this lake but don't forget the large head of roach and Bream that can be caught on pole and chopped worm. Regular club and open matches are run on this lake.
Keepnets in matches only.

OPENING TIMES 7.00 am - time stated on the gate at the Farm Park

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Very good fishery


Went for about 5 hours and caught around 8 carp on method feeder with pellet, all around 2-4lb, nice surroundings hope I get bigger next time


Good quality lakes and fishing.


Excellent carp lake with match weights exceeding 100lb+ also match lake full of skimmers and IDE for 50lb+ weights










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