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Shatterford Lakes


Latitude: 52.42891 | Longitude: -2.296509

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Birch Bank, Bridgnorth Road, Shatterford, Nr Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY12 1TW DY12 1TW

01299 861597


Set in an idyllic location in the heart of the Worcestershire Countryside, Shatterford Lakes offers perfect fishing conditions for beginners and enthusiasts alike.


Erics Lake
Erics lake is known to hold catfish over 60lb and carp up to 40lb. This lake is not for the faint hearted and, like Masters, the correct equipment must be used. Luncheon meat, boilies and pellets all work well. Small live trout are available from the Tackle Shop during spring and summer months for the catfish. Live bait MUST be purchased on site.

Masters Lake
Masters now has catfish well over 66lb and carp over 40lb. Cats can gain 7lb in one summer, so they could be touching 70lb. As with Erics, the correct equipment is essential.

Stella Lake
Predominantly a silver fish pool, Stella produces some excellent sport. Stock includes roach upto 3lb, bream upto 8lb and carp well into double figures up to 25lb. Good results are achieved near the margins or towards the sunken island around the centre. Depth in the basin drops to around 14ft.

For pleasure fishing, Stella has 20 pegs available. Total weights up to 70lb are not uncommon.

Stella offers close parking facilities and easy access to the lakeside for anyone with mobility problems.

Occasional matches are held on Stella Lake during winter months. Numbers are limited to 12 pegs.

Call us on: 01299 861597 for further details.

Stuarts Lake
Stuarts is the largest of our pleasure pool and offers a few surprises, including large catfish. Average carp reach double figures (record 25lb) and there's catfish over 36lb (current record holder, Emma Moore from Stourbridge, pictured below with her 36lb 4oz catfish). Roach go up to 3lb, bream to 11lb and golden tench to 9lb. Best methods are maggots, sweetcorn and fish meal boilies.

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Lee Raymond

Beautiful lakes with beautiful fish, also safe, no worries about thieves taking your tackle here, really chuffed to of found this gem


Shatterford lakes is a awesome fishery, every fish I was bringing out was 25+ Recommend to everyone that enjoys fishing best place I've fished in a long time


Lee Raymond

The cats seem to love the meat but also take the halibut and fishy boilies, Loads of big bream in the lakes too, seem to eat anything ;0) When fishing for the cats make sure u have a free running set up with little resistance, otherwise they just spit it back out- crafty cats!







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