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Mopley Pond


Latitude: 50.81293 | Longitude: -1.35494

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Mopley Road, Langley, Southampton, Hants SO45 1YH SO45 1YH



Is a beautiful 3 acre water in the North Solent Nature Reserve.


Stocked with Ghost, Mirror, Common and Leather Carp from 10lbs to over 20lbs, plus Crucian Carp, Bream, Perch, Roach, Golden Rudd, Bream and Tench.

There are toilet facilities at this site, a hard track to the water and a disabled swim with adjacent parking.

Season tickets include Mopley and Dark Lane Ponds.

Night fishing restricted to season tickets holders only to a maximum of 6 members per night pre booked.

Day tickets - 7am to Sunset.

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Paul Churchill

Great place to stalk, very often have the lake to yourself, carp 20lb+ perch 4lb+ good head of roach silver bream and tench. Limited space bankside means not every swim can accommodate a bivvy. Cheap season tickets gives you access to dark lane lake 2mins up the road.


Awesome venue, one of my favourite lakes. Ideal water for stalking or short session with plenty of features to fish to. Would highly recommend this water


Love this place


Paul Churchill

A great place to stalk, boilies are my number one choice. I have had great success using small traps rather than carpets of bait. Bites come all day and night. Only downside being limited space bankside means it can be hard to get a bivvy in a lot of swims.

Paul Churchill

Turn the volume down on you're alarms, stop shouting across the lake!! Stealth is the key, rigs and bait not so important.

Paul Churchill

Prawns and worms for good perch fishing. Good chance of a three pounder!!

Paul Churchill

I have had amazing results using frozen boilies from #TorBaits check em out on Facebook, quality bait at quality prices. You can also find Deception Angling on their website for all you're tackle needs at amazing prices. See you on the bank, hope you catch a monster, just don't forget to mention me cheers. 👍❤️🎣👊


Fishing bright, smelly such as Pineapple or squid n octopus pop ups close to the reed beds has produced many of my captures and seems for me to be the most productive method.


Be prepared to move swims, the fish will move about. Once you find the fish, keep them interested by introducing bait little n often👍









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