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Willow Marsh Fishery


Latitude: 52.34996 | Longitude: -2.193941

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Cursley Lane, Shenstone, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY10 4DX DY10 4PJ

07597 940 843


Willow Marsh Fishery is set in the heart of the country side and is renowned as one of the most beautiful fisheries in the country. The fishing caters for every taste if its silver fish or hard fighting carp then this is the venue.


This pool is renowned for the hard fighting carp with average weights of 5-8Lb you better get that bungee elastic out. These fish will take you all over the pool. The best baits are sweet corn, fishery pellets, maggots and castors. Fish close in the margins for best results if you are on the dam wall fish 4 meters out shallow. This also plays host as a good winter pool with some monster 1lb roach and tench.
Size of Pool Approx 1.75acres of water
Fish Stocked Carp, Roach, bream, tench, chub, perch.
Best Contest Match weight 303lb 3oz
Pegs Available 36 Pegs
Fishing Lake Depth 6ft Rising to shelves of 2ft of the bank and middle causway of 1ft deep.
Disabled access to all fishing pegs.

Whispers pool is our main silver fish pool with a sprinkling of carp, don't expect massive tonne weights from here but you normally have a lot of fish, great fun. Best fished on the pleasure by the willow trees try and get underneath and bait over with pellets and sweet corn. In the matches aim for the island or close into the irises. Best baits sweet corn, maggots chopped worms.
Size of Pool Approx 0.75 acre
Fish Stocked Carp, Roach, bream, tench, chub, perch.
Best Contest Weight 168lb3oz
Pegs available 24
Fishing Lake Depth Depth to 8ft gradual to the willow tree island.
Disabled Fishing access to all pegs.

Some of these fish could take you skiing this is where the 15Plus fish retire from the dragonfly.
These are bigger fish with a sprinkling of silvers and smaller carp, great fun water. Fish close to the island  the islands (two) have a shelf all around them get on that and have some fun.
Best baits, worms, giant corn, Maggots over a bed of pellets.
Size Of Pool Approx 2 Acres
Fish Stocked Carp, Roach, bream, tench, chub, perch.
Best Contest Weight 184lb 10oz
pegs available 40
Depth of Fishing Lake 8ft rising to two islands.
Disabled access to all pegs.

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Had a great day fishing here. Some big carp, parking was good and you can buy bacon sandwich's that bring to you on your peg!! Three pools to choose from









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