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Pilsworth Fishery


Latitude: 53.57232 | Longitude: -2.258509

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Heywood Lancashire



Pilsworth Fishery is an established mixed course fishery in Heywood, Lancashire, providing accessible and affordable high quality fishing on a day ticket and overnight basis.


The Lodges
These five lodges provide 40 pegs for match and leisure fishing for day ticket anglers. The lodges hold good stocks of carp, tench, roach, bream, chub and barbel and range from 4 to 7 feet deep. Pole or waggler is recommended.
Matches are held on these lodges on a Monday evening and all are welcome.

Specimen Lake
This is an eleven acre lake ranging from 5 feet deep at the car park to 18 feet deep at the dam wall and has a stony/silty bottom which is relatively snag free. All methods work well but dont discount the margins - some of the bigger fish are regularly caught just a rod length from the bank!

The water holds a good number of carp to 37lb including plenty of 20lb+ fish and it also holds good stocks of bream, perch and pike. Pegs are provided with plenty of room for your bivy and a fresh water tap is available next to the car park.

Due to the iminent construction of a new banking on the far side of the lake, the walled side of the fishery is temporarily out of bounds and all fishing is from the grass banked side of the lake for now.

Match Lake
The 47 peg match lake hold good stocks of carp,roach, bream, skimmers, chub and barbel and is approximatley 4 -5 feet deep all over the lake and has two islands that can be easily fished to. Pole or waggler is recommended.
It should be noted that there is no night fishing or fishing with floating baits on this lake and all rules should be adhered to. Matches are held on a Wednesday evening (May to August) and on a Sunday (All Year). These are open matches and anyone is welcome to join.

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I've fished Pilsworth a lot over the years, often throwing a tent up and staying the weekend. The lakes have some great fish in and Eric the owner has put a lot of graft into them over the years. You will have some fun if you catch a big un. Unfortunately also over the years it has been known to have a few knob-heads turn up and spoil it for people. There is a relaxed atmosphere but there has been a bit of bother.


Love the place local not to dear and had reasonable results biggest bein 24 pounder when it's fishin its great when it's not it really isn't no matter what u do give it a try like I said I love there


I went yesterday. Great fishing. Tries all different kind of methods when others went slow. Great for carp!










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