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Latitude: 51.64471 | Longitude: 0.478955

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Crowsheath Farm, Hawkswood Road, Downham, Nr Billericay, Essex CM11 1JT CM11 1JT

07402 298218


BaitZone Crowsheath Fishery is conveniently located between the A127 and A12 in Essex.


The fishery opened in 1999 and is set beautifully in 110 acres of green belt land well away from the noise and hustle and bustle of any main roads. ALL of our fish are English fish and were stocked at this time, with regular restocking every couple of years. In 2013 we gained sponsorship from BaitZone so we are now know as BaitZone Crowsheath Fishery. We have at present 3 superbly maintained and well stocked lakes, these are as follows-:

The Main Lake (8 Acre Carp Water)
Our main lake has 2 islands which has depths ranging from 4ft to 10ft with plenty of features. We aim to take out the smaller fish so you will be extremely lucky to bank a single figure carp in 8 the acres, especially now we have made our Specimen and Course water one once again. In the past 2 years our lake has produced catches up to 38.8lbslbs making a total of 7 known 30lbs+ backed up by countless double figure and 20+’s and Catfish up to and over 90lbs.

Prices are £10 per person per 12 hours, 3rd rod extra £5

Catfish Canal Lake (1 Acre Catfish Water)
This lake has 6 pegs and is canal shaped (hence the name) and is CATFISH ONLY. We have a wide variety of fish in this lake, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Carp. But these are only in there to feed our monster Catfish up to a massive 92lbs. The lake also contains the largest  known mandarin catfish in the U.K at 72lbs. It is protected from the elements by conifers one side and a large Grassed earthed wall the other. For availability please contact our Bailiff on 07402 298218.

Prices are £10 per person per 12 hours, 3rd rod extra £5

The Pike Lagoon Lake (1/2 Acre)
This little half acre water contains 25 Pike from 4lbs up to a massive 22lbs 3oz. Great for a bit of winter pike fishing. There are smaller silver fish for the pike to eat and for you to catch as live bait.5

Crowsheath Carp Angling & Breeding Farm Ltd.

Price List: £10 per person per 12 hours, 3rd rod extra £5.
Sessions start from 7am-7pm-7am. This is slightly flexible a couple of hours either side of these times when notifying the bailiff first.

Special 72 hour price:
2 Rods £50
3 Rods £75

Midweek half price concession for OAP’s and under 14's per 12hrs- Mon to Fri 7am to 7pm on The Main Lake only.  Children under 14 MUST be accompanied by a paying adult.

£400 Full membership
£250 Midweek membership Monday 7am – Friday 7pm
£180 Full 6 month Winter Membership (1st October – 31st March)

We also offer a trolley service to and from your swim for £2 each way or £3 return. This service is available from 7am-9pm.

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This lake is a favourite of mine the balliff it a top bloke and provides a buggy system where u pay a pound and he will drop you o your swim which is very useful as balliff will explain the lake and if your new give you a map of depths and features , it holds at least 6 30s and 2 suspected 40s with numerous amounts of 20s and smaller pasties , it also has a cat canal which hold cats to 98lb with a further 20 cars still remaining over 60 in the main lake , a pike lake has also just been opene with pick up to 20+ superb sport on spinning tackle


Have visited this lake in numerous occasions before the two lakes were joined and fished very well but have really been put off this venue since it is now one main carp lake. Specimen fish mixed with Pasties and as for the cat lake it's so full of weed you can almost walk across it. Pike lake is very small and would be very surprised if a 20 was there. Nicks a nice lad though who's the Bailif and does as much as he can to make your stay pleasant and safe.


Been here on 3 occasions but unfortunately blanked every time. The lakes were being cleared of weed in the summer and nice areas for bivvies. Beautiful surroundings and very good bait shop. One thing missing apart from fish is a cafe. Will visit again and get those nice carp in the pics I've seen. Pikey go again mate, it's being looked after nicely.


Hard fishery. 24 hour stint with around 50 lines in the water and a total of 3 fish came out all under 14lb. Do your home work and visit first.



10-14mm Pineapple pop ups fished close the the island.


Pike lake open









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