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Latitude: 50.76258 | Longitude: -1.629487

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Golden Hill, Ashley Lane, Hordle, Nr New Miltom, Hampshire SO41 0GD SO41 0GD

07811 522835


Hordle Lakes is an attractive and well established fishery which offers superb fishing all year round. Set in approximately eleven acres, the fishery comprises seven individual, spring fed lakes with easy to fish from swims. Parking is easy and walking is minimal. There is a separate kiddies pool available for youngsters.


Spring Lake
Spring lake is a well establish small lake of the "classic carp pond" type. There are lots of natural features such as lilly pads, reeds and overhanging trees and bushes. Some swims are platformed whilst others are nestled between the bushes - the south bank is particulary suited to disabled anglers and is just a short distance from the car park.

Bob's Lake
Bob's lake is the largest lake on the complex and holds the largest head of specimin carp. Swims are set well apart allowing ample room for the serious carp fisherman - this lake is favourite for those wishing to fish overnight. The channel between the islands being a favoured hotspot.

Long Lake
Long lake is a feature rich lake nestled in amongst the trees and offers a sheltered aspect when conditions are a bit breezy. All swims are platformed and the variable natural features make for a pleasant days angling. The northern end of the lake is only fishable from the west bank. The twin island margins can be fished from the majority of the remaining swims.

Tench Lake
Tench Lake is situated alongside the main road thereby enabling easy access to the east bank which has an open aspect, ideally suited to disabled or less active anglers. The west bank is just a short walk and offers more secluded swims with plenty of overhanging shrubs and trees. The majority of swims are nicely platformed.

Tiddler Pool
Tiddler Pool is a small pond dedicated to use by youngsters and their parents. It is a short walk from the site road and features flat unobstructed banks. The pond has 2 large sturdy fishing platforms and several smaller platforms, all offering a safe base from which to fish.

Willow Lake
Willow Lake is the second largest lake on the complex and is set in amongst a wooded area offering a high degree of shade during the hot summer days. There are plenty of natural bankside features and overhanging bushes making for some nice secluded swims. There are two small islands fishable from most swims.

Canal Lake
Canal Lake is the first lake lake on the complex and runs parallel with the road, hence it is easily accessible. It is canal shaped and can only be fished from the east bank and a couple of swims at the north and south end. The far bank has plantiful vegitation for margin fishing and will definately appeal to the pole angler. Despite its size, this lake is heavily stocked and regularly produces huge bags. There are plenty of common and mirror carp into double figures plus a few 20's. Other species include tench, roach, rudd, bream and perch.

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Excellent fishing venue with something for everyone. Smaller pools for the kiddies to catch and develop the bug, to the main lake where the bigger fish are found. There is easy disabled access and parking is close to the lakes. There is food available during the day with friendly bailiffs on hand for advice and serviceable toilet facilities.


Had two fantastic days fishing at Hordle Lakes. Great place for all kinds of fishing, from specimen hunters to casual anglers with children. Really friendly and a lovely venue. If I had one criticism it was the lack of a bait & tackle shop: but there is one 5mins drive so not too much of a problem.


Lovely fishery with loads of lakes to choose from.


Good set of lakes but most of the carp have had there mouths ripped apart


Fantastic Fishery and everyone is welcome. Jim and Richard has done well since they have had the fishery.

Paul Churchill

A stunning picturesque set of lakes set in the heart of the new forest. Really helpful and nice owners. Something for everyone we'll worth a visit.



During the summer months early morning or just as the sun sets, surface fishing with dog biscuit & bread crust around the island on Bobs lake is a must. I have had lots of double figure carp this way & highly recommend it.


Luncheon meat for the bigger or pellets to bag all day

Paul Churchill

Bobs lake for the better carp, owners give good honest advice.

Paul Churchill

Two rods only, all you need it's a runs water.


Try for some of the other species bar carp on bobs lake as they get missed out


fish tight to islands with boilie &pellets










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