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Hunnington Fishery

West Midlands

Latitude: 52.42303 | Longitude: -2.061515

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Bromsgrove Rd, Halesowen, West Midlands B62 OJX B62 OJX

07887 845098


A friendly and relaxed fishing venue in the West Midlands, with 5 pools.


The Kingfisher Pool
The pool holds an excellent stock of carp in all sizes from 2lb to 5lb marks, which are excellent weight builders in a match situation. The bigger specimens in the pool boast the 15 lb mark plus the pool holds hundreds of 10 pounders. By any means you'll know once you've hooked one of these fin specimens, in mint of condition, because of you tingling arm ache!  These carp are often caught on pellet and corn approach but persevere with any method or bait and you will be in for a long hard fight.

The Heron Pool
The Heron pool is available for pleasure and club matches but is always receiving complements of how well its fishing and what fine, pristine condition the fish are in. The pool holds 24 anglers with ease and they all have plenty of room.

The pool is stuffed full of 2-3lb carp which are caught week in week out but still offer an exhilarating fight to the net. The bigger 'lumps' in the pool, which run from 6-18lb, will give you the hardest battle you've ever had with a carp. You are guaranteed arm ache after catching one of these fish.

The Mallard Pool
The mallard pool is the highest pool on the four-pool fishery and offers a lot of good fishing to be had by all. The pool has handed out many of 50lb bags in matches and the record for the pool being near the 100lb mark. This is a tremendous pool and will give you a lot of pleasure and fun.

The pool is stocked with a lot of small 'stockie' carp these feature a lot in the match weights and they run from 8oz to 1 lb these fish are often caught on a soft expander pellet over the top of a bed of micro pellets, which are brought on site. The slightly bigger carp run from 1 lb 8oz right through to 4 lb these fish can easily be tamed on the right, balanced set up and can be superb match building fish. The bigger specimens in the pool are from 6lb to, the biggest to date, 19 lb, which is a massive achievement, which was incidentally caught in a match on a pole! Although this is the biggest fish to date there are some much bigger specimens which are about 20 lb these fish haven't been caught to date but could be in the near future.

The Coot Pool
The pool is stuffed full of the little 8oz- 1 lb carp and they are always looking for food as the pool is very deep and warm. These smaller carp are usually caught on corn fished over micro pellet but be prepared as you could hook a much bigger fish! The slightly bigger carp in the pool 2 lb- 5lb are often caught from the pool and offer a breathtaking fight, right to the net. These fish are mainly caught shallow from the pool, as the pool is so deep and the carp look for warmer water, this is a great way of catching a big net of fish.

The Swan Pool
The Swan pool was opened in April 2007, after an extensive re-stocking programme.

Stock fish were introduced with carp only with weights ranging from 4oz to 1lb at a level that will guarantee bites all day long.

The Swan pool is reserved for pleasure fishing only and has no permanent pegs which mean that you can always find a spot to fish.

This pool is ideal for newcomers, families or anyone wishing to catch all day long.

The pool is also used each week for a range of coaching activities.

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Fishes very good. Are competitions on every week so hard to get a peg on the better pools.


Lots of carp. Great day out. Very busy and well looked after.


Great days fishing every time, well looked after, fair rules!


First time here sunday fished the kingfisher pool great day will be back



Kingfisher pool - 'wet' pellet slop as feed, small chopped meat as feed!






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