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Boldings Pools


Latitude: 52.56927 | Longitude: -2.423774

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Astley Abbotts, Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 4SS WV16 4SS

01746 763255


Fishing complex in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.


Fishery Rules

  • Barbless hooks only, max size 10
  • No groundbait, hemp or liquidised baits.
  • No bloodworm,joker,nuts or boilies.
  • No freelining, No method feeder
  • No chopped worm allowed (does not apply to club matches or day ticket anglers)
  • No braided line
  • No clouding of the water with dyes.
  • No fishing more than 1/2 way between nearest angler
  • No raking of swim
  • Only Boldings fishery pellets can be loosefed,any hooker may be used but not loosefed
  • When fishing shallow you must have at least 9" between tip and float.
  • Meat, worms,paste & bread on the hook loosefeeding.
  • 2 nets to be used in matches when over 50lb, if you are lucky enough to catch over 100lbs spread evenly between both nets,anyone with over 60lbs with only 1 net in use will be deducted 1/2 of any excess
  • Pole only on Hawthorns,Stock,Middle,Deepdale.(open matches only)
  • Fish must be landed within 1 metre of your peg.
  • A landing net must be used on all fish over 4ozs
  • Maximum of 5pints of castors or maggots combined
  • 30mins allowed to land fish after allout.
  • All fish to be handled with care and returned to the water safely.
  • No rolling the fish down keepnets,reach through for handles or swim fish to the top of the net
  • No keepnets except in matches
  • To help prevent any possible spread of desease,landing nets & keepnets must be spread out on the bank and dryed out  before  use.

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One of the leading fisheries in the midlands. Fishes well all year round. Top quality fish. Sponsored by Preston!


Nice litte fishery. Plenty of carp and bream on the pool i was in. Even a bonus, Barbel! Not long stocked in. For £6.50 a day well worth it. Next time i go i'll be better prepared :-)









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