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Tyram Fisheries

South Yorkshire

Latitude: 53.53985 | Longitude: -0.970961

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Bawtry Road, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN7 6

01302 840886


Premier angling venue in South Yorkshire noted for Bream, Carp, Pike, Tench and Roach fishing.


Course / Match Lake Home
Our match lake is approximately 4 acres in size with a large island, depths vary from 3ft to 9ft and has a very good head of fish, it always has had a good stock of large Tench, Bream, Roach, Perch and Pike. In 2000 whilst the lake alterations took place we stocked our stock pond with 500 carp between 4"-6", 100 Tench up to 2lb and 50 carp up to 2lb. Once the lake alterations were complete in 2002 we netted the lake to remove the pike and transferred all the fish across from the stock pond. In addition to this in 2005 we stocked 1 ton of carp between 8oz and 1.5lb and in February 2007 we stocked another one ton of carp between half a pound and 2 pounds. Last year saw Pleasure anglers having bags of over 250lb and match weights over 100lb, the average size of carp now in the lake is 2lb - 3lb and a good number are around 6lb, some of the fish are up into double figures. Tench have been caught up to 8lb and bream to 12lb+

Members Lake Home
Our members carp lake is approximately 8 acres in size with two tree lined islands, it is well matured in its grounds and is a real carp haven with a large array of gravel bars and a large plateau. Depth's vary greatly from as little as 2ft to over 12ft. Lilly pads can be found in several places and every bank is lined with either over hanging trees, rushes or reeds. Weed is not a major issue in the lake but it can be found in certain places on the lake bed.

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just fished it once. had some really good carp.









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