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Latitude: 51.16818 | Longitude: 0.648493

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Love Lane, Headcorn, Ashford, Kent TN27 9HJ TN27 9HJ

01622 890 990


A warm welcome awaits you at Manor Fisheries which provides both comfortable accommodation and outstanding coarse fishing in three very well stocked lakes all this in an idyllic setting in the Weald of Kent.


The lakes are beautifully landscaped, safe and well thought out, incorporating bays, controlled weed beds, rushes and islands. The swims are large, safe and comfortable for night fishing.
There are two well stocked specimen lakes containing many superb specimen carp, up to 35lb, the larger of the two specimen lakes - Lake 2, also contains an abundance of catfish, some over 50lb together with specimen carp. Both of these lakes have well kept natural grassy banks with lovely views of the surrounding countryside, a truly magical place to spend the day fishing.

The Mixed Lake 3 is a "Pleasure" lake holding a wide variety of fish with masses of small carp (common and mirror) up to about 8lbs+, tench, roach, rudd, bream, crucians and really good perch, some to 4lb all in a natural environment including rich bank cover plus in a few areas some near and far side margin Canadian pondweed acting as an ideal oxygenator and natural living filter system.

This lake is ideal for beginners and experienced anglers alike, used to pole, whip and waggler fishing. Anglers have had huge bags of fish in a prolific session resulting in Clubs booking matches.

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Perfect fishing location, you will never find a better place like this in the UK. The catfish are huge, the carp are great fun, the scenery is stunning and the owners are only to pleased to offer helpful tips and advise. Lovely facilities and a dream to fish. Book well in advance as only 4 people are allowed on the lake at any one time. If you are lucky enough to get booking you will be very impressed..












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