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Peterstone Fishery


Latitude: 51.52349 | Longitude: -3.027175

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Walnut Tree Farm, Wentlooge, Newport, Gwent NP10 8SQ NP10 8SQ

01633 680905


Hidden away from all your day to day stresses and strains, set within a stunning Welsh location.


The Pencil Lake
This lake is the match man/any anglers favorite. Stocked and practically oozing with a vast variety of pristine fish.
Producing bags of several hundred pounds.
This lake fishes overwhelmingly and amazingly throughout the weather.
It is also known to produce bags of over 100lbs on one of the most coldest days of the year in December 2006, by Giles Cochrane.
Also voted 7th place by Angling times for the HOTTEST F1 spot!
Even in the most notorious weather, it produces fantastically.
You really can't go wrong with this one.
This lake is full of many surprises.
All the pegs are even throughout enabling anglers an easy and comfortable access to and fro their pegs.

The Swan Lake
The name pretty much says it all. Beautifully shaped and created in the superb shape of the swans head and neckline.
This too produces alarmingly well. Also holding many surprises within it's water.
Another anglers favorite due to the fantastic sized perch around 2 1/2 pounds +, there are reports of larger, but will you be the lucky one?.
Besides perch, theres bream in the doubles which used to thrive within the Birch syndicate until their transfer across.
Theres some real monsters in this one! Lets not forget the Barbel, roach, rudd, tench, orffe, barbel, carp. The carp are also in their doubles.

The Carp Lake
The small carp lake is mainly stocked with carp in their small doubles and the odd visiting bream and orffe in many colors.
This really is a lovely little lake with the carp angler and beginner in mind. It's worth getting some practice on here too,
before considering joining the Birch syndicate.Your going to need some strength and practice to get those carp in.

The Birch Syndicate
This place has to be seen to be believed and to fully understand the true beauty of it all.

Hidden out of sight, locked safely away for our syndicate members.
We have one of the most magnificent and amazing lake in Wales.
So beautiful that it becomes increasingly overwhelming just standing there.
This lake was created with so much care, love and warmth, that it's as though it is telling you the story surrounding it.
Every peg has many a story to tell. There are carp in here with nicknames that carp anglers are longing to get a sheer glimpse of.
You catch a carp here, and thats enough to make your day for the rest of your life.
Every fish here is in perfect condition.  You just have to see them to truly appreciate the beauty.
Just like the pegs, these carp also have a story to tell. Each one unique.

Not only is there carp, but bream and perch also, it is not yet confirmed on the exact highest weight of the bream and perch,
but we wouldn't be surprised if there are some records in here.

Pike is also stocked on the Birch reaching the doubles also. They are beasts and just like the carp, they put up a mean fight.
Land one of theses and you will be extremely pleased.

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Love this place



Simple rigs work best, try luncheon meat on a hair rig. Close to the edge as the afternoon rolls in for barbel.




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