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Willow Park Fishery


Latitude: 51.25605 | Longitude: -0.735279

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Willow Park Fishery Youngs Drive Ash Vale Hampshire GU12 6RE England GU126RE

+44 (0)1252 325867


Our premier 22 acre day ticket fishery is a must whether you are looking for matches, carping or a peaceful days fishing in picturesque surroundings.


Big Lake

Comprising 10 acres with 82 platformed swims and a depth of 4–8ft, this is home to a good head of specimen carp, crusians, bream and silver fish. It is the lake for our night anglers and carpers, but also sees regular action as a match venue and pleasure lake.

Middle Lake

2 acres of 4–5ft deep water comprising 30 platformed swims including some doubles for families, this lake is packed with carp, tench, roach, perch and bream. It is well used as a club venue and for our own open matches, producing good weights, and is also ideal for the pleasure angler.

Small Lake

This 1.5 acre 4-5ft deep lake is small in name but is a real match winner! With 25 platformed swims it is full of carp, tench, cruscians, bream, perch and roach and is very popular with clubs and pleasure anglers as well as our own open matches.

Stock Pond

The ideal spot for the beginner and small children, this 0.6 acre 3ft deep little lake is right next to reception and the café and has plenty of small fish to keep the enthusiasm going strong!

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Very friendly and helpful staff fishing great


Had a really good weekend on the big lake, caught some healthy big Carp and Bream. Facilities and staff were excellent to. Great shop and cafe on site, going to make this my local..!


Been going here for years, great sport for all abilities. My mum had a 15lb common out of the middle lake last week. There are plenty of other good carp to catch in there, my son on the same day had 7 fish out from 7lb to 11lb8oz.


Fished today and going was tough, frost over night and hardly had a bight all day! But.. Great little venue, fished the middle lake and pegs are clean and easy to access. Great cafe to walk to and nice tackle shop. All staff really pleasant. Has a nice feel to it unlike some holes cut out of the ground! Lack of fish probably due to my inept fishing skills and weather but will definitely be back!



Punched/cubed meat or corn on a hair works well in the small and middle lakes for Carp and Bream









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