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Oakford Farm Fishery


Latitude: 51.76131 | Longitude: 0.60156

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Nounsley Road, Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 2NG CM3 2NG

01245 380 802


Oakford Farm is a family run fishery set in tranquil surroundings in Nounsley, Hatfield Peverel, just six miles from the nearest major road.


The Top Lake
This lake is kidney shaped with a large island in the centre and has been open for fishing now for about four years.  We are currently undergoing a planting program to introduce a number of trees around the banks and a variety of water plants have been placed around the island.  With 23 pegs, this lake is proving popular with both club match bookings and individuals.  The lake is stocked mainly with carp between 2 - 7lb although there are a number of double figures.

The Middle Lake
This lake is well established with many trees and ample bank planting, there are 21 pegs around this lake which is mainly stocked with carp (many in double figures).  There is a small island in the deeper end of this lake which provides a good feature to fish to.  This lake has always proved to be a popular choice with matches who regularly weigh in nets in excess of 100lb.

The Small Lake
This has always proved a popular choice with children and beginners and a catch is always guaranteed.  There are ten pegs around this lake which is heavily stocked with carp, bream and tench.

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Great little fishery, pretty much guaranteed a catch, ample parking, toilets and tea and coffee from the very helpful bailiff. Highly recommended !







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