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Finch Farm Fishery


Latitude: 51.46674 | Longitude: -0.757747

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Drift Road, Hawthorne hill, Nr Maidenhead, Berks SL6 3ST SL6 3ST

07990 525642


Finch Farm Fishery has been providing great fishery services in Berks community since approximately 2001.


Located in the quiet countryside of rural Berkshire, Finch Farm Fishery offers coarse fishing on two protected and sheltered lakes with a fine stock of angling fish including carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd, perch, chub and pike to name just some!

The two lakes provide many swims and are enclosed with a tree lined grass embankment all around. The smaller of the two lakes provides thick reed beds providing cover for spawning fish and up to 18 swims, the larger lake provides up to 40 swims and ample cover for other coarse fish.

Finch Farm Fishery also has an on-site tackle shop and tea / coffee is available.

Ticket prices
£10 for two rods
£5 after 4.30pm till dusk

Night fishing by arrangement
Barbless hooks only
Boilies only as hookbait

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I have been here a couple of times and I can say it is probably the smallest venue I have been too, there are 2 ponds, the larger of the two supposedly has carp up to 30lb, tench, roach, Rudd, etc but on the occasions I have been I was pulling out non stop small carp and the odd fair size tench on pellet (18mm), I tried boilies (all sorts) and never had a bite, my largest was an 8lb Mirror and I did not see anyone else pull anything out into double figures, the other pond is what only can be described as a concentration camp for what they have put in it, according to the balif, it holds bream, perch, pike, catfish and wait for it...... Barbel??? This an only be a recipe for disaster due to the size it is way way to small for these fish to live together. I have seen many dead fish in both ponds and the layout is a bit Ropey. All in all ok if your a starter angler but i will not be going again


I found this fishery very small, more of a float and pole stillwater. The bailiff is a very nice man willing to offer any tips that may be needed.


Have fished the main lake before and is very easy to catch. I would say if you want a challenge with rewards fish the top lake at the other end to the car park. I had a great time today pulling bream out all day on luncheon meat, the odd carp (best 8lb), and a 6lb catfish. Great fishery for pleasure fishing!



Luncheon meat always scores well here on the main lake for carp. Pellet or meat on the anaconda lake for barbel. Always find this venue fishes better late afternoon onwards. Half rice tickets after 4.30pm











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