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Lawn Farm Fishery


Latitude: 52.23103 | Longitude: -0.07475

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Lawn Farm, Elsworth, Cambs CB23 4JX CB23 4JX

01954 718269


The Fishery was opened in 1999 and is well stocked with coarse fish. We are situated on the access road to Elsworth by the A428.


From Cambridge direction take the slip road to Cambourne, right at top, over bridge then left at next roundabout. From St Neots take slip road to Cambourne then left at top. We are not in the village but run parallel with the A428.

Permits are available from the site shop.

Key Species:

  • Carp
  • Perch
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Tench
  • Golden Orfe
  • Chub

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Well stocked and very well run, good job


1st visit to this fishery yesterday and very impressed. Appears to be well run, with a a well stocked bait shop on site and toilet. I fished Honeysuckle lake, which is is the match lake. Fishing peg 3, I used pole fishing the deepest point on the middle and method feeder to the far bank. Caught on sweet corn and pellet in the morning, switched to meat in the afternoon over pellets and fishing went mad. Easily caught 60-80Ib of fish in a few hours. Talking to people who fish there regularly, fishing further away from the car park is better and where the biggest fish are.


Went for first time today a great venue I had two fish around 15lb use floating crust close in at cherry tree or use a banded halibut pellet near the island a size 8 hook is a good size but 10 would proberly work just as well.


By far my favourite venue use floating crust my mate had 5 fish 4 carp and about a 2lb Rudd all on floating crust I also had 2fish of around 12 lb well one was the other one was about 2-3lb


The fisherys own pellets seem to work well


An amazing fishery, used a good few times now, through the winter into spring, very well run, good fish. Last Saturday I can only call prolific. 2 rods 1 float, bite on every cast almost.



Use meat - very effective. Keep feeding small amounts regularly.


Use trout pellets


Pre feed, about an hour before you fish the area, used mix of brown and red crumb mixed size pellets and some mild curry powder, they love it, maggots on the float and pellets on a feeder, 2mm on the feeder with a 6mm krill red on a band. Could not keep up with bites




Golden Orfe







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