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Whitebridge Fishery


Latitude: 52.48464 | Longitude: 0.493794

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Whitebridge Farm, Southery Road, Feltwell, Norfolk IP26 4EJ IP26 4EJ

01842 829796


Our lake is a very beautiful place to be, all year round, and like its beauty, it is one of the best for fishing all year round. We have had an excellent winter with many fisherman going home very pleased with their day (however cold they got).


The Lake
Our lake is a man made pit with 18 pegs. It is situated in a lush grass field.

Our lake has many different species of fish for you. We believe there are more than 9 different species all of a good size in each.

  • Carp Up To 25lb
  • Koi Carp Up To 12lb
  • Tench Up To 10lb
  • Perch Up To 3lb
  • Bream Up To 6lb
  • Roach Up To 2lb
  • Goldfish Up To 3lb
  • Crucian Carp Up To 4lb
And Much More ......

We have also had a very good start this summer with many fishermen and women landing carp over th 10lb mark within a few hours of beginning their day.

So in a nutshell, the lake already has great approval from many local fishermen, youngsters to adults, and has a good range of fish of a very good size. As for the fishing itself, it's a good days fighting to keep your rod in your hands!

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