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Emerald Pool Fishery


Latitude: 51.19304 | Longitude: -2.978037

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Emerald Pool Puriton Road West Huntspill Highbridge Somerset TA9 3NL TA93NL

01278 794707


Emerald pool is with out doubt one of the best coarse fisheries in the South West of England. Emerald Pool Fishery comprises of four pools set in eight acres of grounds located within the scenic Somerset levels. The coarse fishery is a family run business with excellent all year round angling. Angling times are set from day light until Dark. (Night fishing is possible but by prior arrangement only).


Emerald Pool is a 1.5 acre lake with various islands and trees with depth of water to 6’ with 34 pegs. This lake is heavily stocked with carp, including mirrors, commons, ghost, leathers and koi. There are also tench to 5lb, a good head of barbell plus bream, rudd and roach. Regular catches exceeding 100lb in weight are commonplace.

Jade is our largest pool at 2 acres with 30pegs. Heavily stocked with carp and barbell Jade pool contains specimen fish: The largest carp at Emerald Pool Fishery can be found in this water. Plenty of fish into double figures night and multi day sessions available for booking.

Sapphire Pool: With 20 pegs, has 5 islands with a depth of 4.5’ overall. The lake is heavily stocked with the same fish as Emerald with the exception of Barbel. The average weight of fish is 1lb to 7lb. Matches available on this lake.

Ruby: This pool has been recently created from an existing water incorporating great swims and five small islands. Well stocked with carp ranging from 1/2lb to5lb. The water has 20 pegs and is now available for matches.

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Free line crust on the pole can't go wrong


Dog mixer floater fished on any of the lakes catches, my biggest from this fishery are in the pictures section :)










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