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Rookery Waters


Latitude: 52.40554 | Longitude: -0.032768

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Rookery Farms, Fen Rd, Pidley, Cambs PE28 3DF PE28 3DF

01487 822980


Rookery Waters is a day ticket fishery near the village of Pidley on the Eastern edge of Huntingdonshire. The location is quiet and situated at the end of a farm road.


Rook Water
This was our first lake built in 2002 as a water storage reservoir. Surface area is one hectare, the flat bottom is four metres deep and the sides slope at a rate of one in three.
A shallow margin shelf has formed naturally.
From the outset we planned to fish the water and designed it accordingly.
32 stages are set into the slope of the bank creating shelter for the angler and a scallop shaped water margin.
Reeds and the odd Willow tree have been planted between the stages.
Initial stocking in 2003 was a mixture of 5000 Ghost, Mirror and Common Carp.
Since then we have introduced specimen Tench and Carp from our own stock ponds. We now have a large number of Carp at 2 -3lbs and several double figure carp up to 25lbs.

Magpie Water
We created Magpie in 2003 as a purpose built, featured fishing lake. As with Rook surface area is one hectare but the shape is irregular and there are two islands. Maximum depth is two metres, margin shelf is 0.5 metres and sunken reefs are 0.5meters deep.
Access to the large central island is over a bridge.
Large, strong platforms protrude out into the water. We have tried to make each of the 38 pegs slightly different and they all have a feature to hold fish.
Magpie is well stocked with fish from our own stock water. Species are: Carp (Mirror/Crucian/Ghost/Common/Brown Gold Fish/Gold Fish), Barbel, Chub, Tench, Roach and Rudd. Carp go up to 10lbs and Tench to 6lbs, there are many fish at 2-4lbs.

Jay Water
Our latest water, we built Jay in 2006 as a snake lake. Jay has been designed for pole fishing with a consistent width of 14-15 metres. The shape forms a loop and has no ends.
All fishing is from the middle outwards, the outside is out of bounds so as not to spoke the fish. There is a distinct shelf on both sides at 0.5 metres deep and the water is 1.5 metres deep in the middle.
The large, strong platforms are as you will find on Magpie and again they protrude into the water. All the pegs are very similar making Jay ideal for fishing matches.
Jay is stocked with mainly Carp some Chub, barbell and Tench, plus a few Rudd and Roach. Fish are generally smaller than Magpie but there are some to 5lbs.

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