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Latitude: 51.47351 | Longitude: -0.776998

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Pondwood Farm, Pondwood Lane, White Waltham, Berkshire, SL6 3SS SL63SS



Pondwood Fisheries (also known as Pondwood Carp Lakes) is the premier fishing facility for anglers of all categories. The owners have dealt with the likes and dislikes of fishermen since the mid 1980s, and whatever type of inland fisherman you are, Pondwood Fisheries can satisfy your demands.


The original Pondwood Carp Lakes are around an acre each. The older lake dates back to medieval times and has an island in the middle accessible via a distinctive red bridge. This lake has stocks of carp, tench, roach, chub and catfish. The carp were introduced around the mid 1970s and are an Italian strain. They have been known to spawn 3 times per year and run to 27lb. All the other fish are of unknown origin. The lake also contains crucian carp to 4lb and roach to 2lb. The catfish have seen to the demise of many of the smaller fish. The single chubb that used to reside in this lake unfortunately died and it is doubtful with the number of catfish now residing in the lake that any of the species would now survive for very long. The catfish range from newborn to around 50lb in weight. Pondwood Fisheries has got to be the only UK venue where you are assured to catch a catfish.

The second lake, which dates back to at least 1970, has only carp, again introduced around the mid 1970s. For some strange reason, no other fish species have yet been found in this lake. The carp, however, are some of the most amazing fish you will have seen and go to 22lb in size.

Our third water is the "Snake River", a still water course dating back to medieval times that was originally a metre wide and held fish into double figure weights. The Snake was opened for day tickets in 2002 after widening and extension and has since been stocked with thousands of fish, all home-grown at Pondwood Fisheries. These include carp to 26lb, roach to 2lb, perch to 4lb, rudd to 0.5lb and tench to 9lb. The Snake is our match venue and has become renowned within the match fraternity.

There are toilet facilities and ample car parking available on the complex. The cafe has now been re-staffed and is up and running for weekends and Bank Holidays.

Bookings for matches and competitions are a must.

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steve the fish

This venue is the best place I have heard of if you want to catch a catfish. It is quite small and usually busy but you have to take into account that the fishery is not trying to be a top specimen water. It is a well run fishery and is kept clean and there is always something to catch. Don't go there for peace and quiet because it is very popular - that should tell you enough.


Had an awesome night on Thursday 17 July 14 cats and four carp between me and friend


This place sounds really good, anyone know how big the cats go? Thanks



Meat is working for the cats right now.


Meat is great for constant catching but mackerel is the way to go for the bigger fish











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