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Charlton Pond


Latitude: 54.60118 | Longitude: -1.278589

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Cowpen Ln, Billingham, Cleveland

01642 532034


Pond noted for Bream, Carp and Perch fishing. Run by BillinghamAC.


Day tickets on site. Permits on bank.

Key Species:

  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Perch

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Very good fishing in the front small pond catchin carp,perch,roach and bream upto 7lb,big pond at back is more competitive with some nice sized ghost carp,bream,roach and perch,a good day out from £2 per person,also beautifull surroundings and plenty of pegs to choose from...


Excellent fishing, great people and also family friendly with plenty of beautiful wildlife around. Great price what you get! Spent a full day fishing averaged close to 80lb of carb off waggler and feeder along with plenty of crucians and the odd tench off the bottom on pole! Would recommend to other anglers as it’s not hugely known across the board!



As a local angler I’ve fished this pond for the last 20 year. There are plenty more species in the pond including big tench in both front and back pond, more harder to target in the front but very fun sport if you can target them, there are large shoals of crucial in both again easily fished for on the front with soft pellet and micros on the bottom. Plenty of roach and silver fishing 30lb of silvers is an average of target for the little pond, maggot and corn works well. Other species include Rudd roach gudgeon. Also the carp have grew over the years some reaching 10lb plus in the front pond! For anyone who’s a novice or the average match angler this day ticket water is a good days fishing no matter the target species also has plenty of facilities around! For £2 simply can’t go wrong!






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