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Carleton Hill Fishery


Latitude: 54.85688 | Longitude: -2.832182

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Cocklakes, Carlisle, Cumbria CA40BJ

01228 562622


Carleton Hill Fishery is a superb, professionally managed, mature coarse fishery situated some 5 miles south of Carlise, just off the A6 Penrith road. Surrounded entirely by farm land, the peace and quiet is as inevitable as the bend in your rod! Day ticket fishing available on the trees pond and season tickets to fish all the ponds by application (strictly limited numbers).


The Chub Pond

This pond is the furthest from the carpark and is about half an acre with depths of 6 to 12 feet. There are seven pegs three of which are platforms that protrude from the bullrush fringed margins on the south side of the pond. It is very sheltered from all wind directions. There are tench to 6lb, ide to 4lb, carp to 12lb, crucian carp to 2lb, the odd chub to 5lb, perch, roach and rudd.

The Wires Pond

The biggest at around 1.5 acres and perhaps the most picturesque of all the ponds with abundant lillies and flag iris, weeping willows, "clooping" carp and kingfishers, the stuff of dreams! Mostly around 5-6ft with a deeper channel on the south side of 11-12ft. There are 12 generously spaced and immaculate pegs most of which have features to fish to. This pond contains carp (including ghost and golden carp) to around 15lb, tench to 7lb 12oz, crucian carp to 2lb, bream to 8lb, ide to 3lb, roach, rudd, perch, gudgeon and a few chub.

The Trees Pond

This is the pond nearest the car-park and is the only one available to day-ticket anglers. It is however the most heavily stocked and generally therefor the most productive. It has 16 well spaced pegs and can be entirely flood-lit. It contains an abundance of carp (common, ghost and golden) of all sizes up to about 16lb. This pond can be booked for club matches (max 16) including floodlit evening matches if required (if booking please give 2 weeks (min) notice). The 3.5 hour match record now stands at 57lb. carp feed particularly well in the artificial light. Other species include tench to almost 8lb, roach, ide to 2.5lb, bream & skimmers, perch, crucian carp, rudd, gudgeon and the odd chub. Most of the pegs have features to fish to. The deep end nearest the carpark fishes best in the winter months.

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Brilliant location to fish.well looked after by Chris the owner who is always on hand to offer includes well stocked tackle shop,plenty of parking and toilets.pegs are clean and fish are eager with plenty of carp roach and perch to Bag!












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