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Passies Pond

West Sussex

Latitude: 50.86654 | Longitude: -0.303609

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Church Farm Coombes Lancing West Sussex BN15 0RS BN150RS

01273 465257


There are two lakes that cater for both the pleasure and match anglers with a total of 120 pegs. One lake is for the pleasure angler and are not targeted for large or single species. Where as there are carp to 25lbs there is a lot of other smaller species with many specimens so a truly great day can be had by all.


Match Lake

The Match Lake Passie's Match Lake is for clubs, corporate day's school or group days with the Centre of Excellence, and day tickets and is approx 6 acres. Built alongside the existing Day Ticket Water, it is in the shape of a canal which is 6 ft in the deepest point. It contains 68 permanent pegs which are a minimum of 15 metres apart, and are platformed to allow 14metre poles to reach the far bank on most pegs. The shape of the floor is shelved to enable both pole and waggler fishing with ledgering when the conditions require.

The platforms are large enough to accommodate tackle boxes and all necessary gear. The lake is designed to enable fishing in the winter aswell as in the summer and has been stocked with many different species and large numbers of each.

Day Ticket Lake

Day Ticket Water Passie's main lake is a lake of approximately 5 acres. It is reserved for day ticket anglers and major league matches only (2 or 3 a year - check events). There are 50 permanent pegs with many features to fish to. It is designed, hopefully, to eliminate hot spots as much as possible. The Lake's depth is approx 4ft near the bank. The main lake was opened on June 16th 1990 and can be fished from dawn till dusk in the summer and 7am till dusk in the Winter.

No club matches will be allowed and no pre-booking of pegs (first come, first served). Day Tickets can be obtained from a hut on-site. Please place monies in the envelope provided and write your name, and car registration number on the outside, and place it in the wall safe. Your name will be checked by wardens patrolling during the day. (Please bring correct money as no change can be given). Both the Day Ticket Lake and the Match Lake allow access for wheel chairs and disabled. Orange badge holders may drive to some of the pegs.

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Great lake, catching fish all day.


Use to be good but now the fish kill has made it worse

mini missel

I love this lake










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