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Greenridge Farm


Latitude: 50.99652 | Longitude: -1.443192

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Greenridge Farm, Green Lane, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 9BN SO519BN

07941 332 102


Greenridge Farm Coarse Fishery is one the south of Englands most prolific fishing complexes. A day ticket water, with night fishing permitted, Greenridge is a must for all anglers.


Specimen Lake

The specimen lake is approx 1 acre, with an average depth of 5 feet. Coupled with a picturesque island and a bridge, this makes for an excellent variety of fishing techniques.

Almost all methods of fishing offer a great chance of serious session weights on this lake. The suggested methods are traditional baits on a ledger, around the island and floating baits, in the shallows and Reeds, but not forgetting simple baits like Maggot and Corn.

The fish stock is predominantly Carp, with an array of Koi, Ghosts, Mirrors and Commons, up to 28lb. Boilies, nuts, beans and pulses are unfortunately not permitted on any Greenridge water. However, rest assured, Trout pellet, paste, bread, Sweet-Corn and other traditional baits will suffice. Follow our simple tips and you’re bound to spend more time catching fish, instead of waiting for them.

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