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Farletonview Fishery


Latitude: 54.23499 | Longitude: -2.727381

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Milnthorpe, Cumbria LA7 7NU LA7 7NU

01539 567328


Providing excellent fishing all year round in spring fed water. Farletonview Fishery is ideally located just off junction 36 of the M6 Motorway.


Farletonview Fishery provides excellent facilities including the fisherman’s lodge where everyone is welcome - ideal to get together for the ‘crack’ at lunchtime.

Our main lake is regularly stocked with top quality hard fighting rainbow & blues.

Excellent top of the water venue with abundent fly life. Top flies to catch are buzzers and small dries in summer. With a good sedge hatch and plenty of daddys later on. Bloodworms being our top winter pattern.

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local boy ba

Seem to be a serious lack of life around the pond and pond has been treated with a blue dye to prevent weed ... But if you drop a nymph in after 6 inches it disappears into the blue !!!!! Not so good really which is a shame as the lake could be fantastic??


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