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Latitude: 52.72669 | Longitude: -1.042185

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Rearsby Leicestershire

01509 670436


The lake is approx 2.5 acres in size ranging from a few feet deep to 8ft/20ft in one part,the average depth being round 10-14ft. It holds a number of specimen Carp to 30lbs with the biggest landed todate standing at 33lb, the average size of the Carp are late teens to early 20s. Now renamed to Spinney Pool.


* This is a members only water *

* The location we have llisted is not correct and is only divulged to members *

There are a number of big Bream to 12lb with a few good Tench. Roach and Perch. Steady stocking will happen during winter months.

Our main aim is to have a lake that is stocked with well chosen fish and not to have a lake that is heavily stocked like most commercial waters.

We feel that a heavily stocked lake is not true fishing and doesn't offer the angler a challenge any more.

Its all to easy to drop a line in and pull out a fish on these commercial waters, where's the skill in that?. Wouldn't it be better to work at a nice quiet water with possibility of no one else being there and the added bonus of being able to catch quality fish to 30lb.  
The lake has a number of permanent pegs with in easy access from the car park at side of the lake.

Access to the car park is via a security gate and short drive along permanent gravel road. Onsite facilities include a toilet.

Members will be able to enjoy exclusive all year round fishing every day of the week including night fishing at no extra cost on their membership price.

The water is strictly members only with no day or 24hr tickets given out.

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