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Latitude: 51.39734 | Longitude: -0.516716

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Twynersh Fishing Complex Thorpe Road Chertsey Surrey KT16 9EJ KT169EJ

01932 570 156


The Fishery is situated in Chertsey, Surrey and is based on the site of an old gravel works that were excavated in the 70s. Left to mature on their own for a number of years they have since the late 80s been landscaped and developed into the complex we have today.


The grounds within this complex are carefully maintained to offer the angler easy access and parking while still allowing the abundant wildlife a place to reside.  In January 2004 the Twynersh was selected as a site of nature conservation importance by the Surrey Wildlife Trust.

The fishery within its perimeter fence covers an area of approximately 44 acres and features 8 gravel pits of varying sizes.  On some pits there are specially constructed swims for the wheelchair angler with most swims offering comfortable fishing.

The complex caters for all types of angler, novice or specimen hunter, whatever your ability or preferred method of fishing you are welcome.
Unfortunately we do not allow fly fishing of any sort and all juniors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.

The fishery is open all year (except Christmas day & Boxing day) and tickets can be purchased from the site office.  Night fishing is allowed but is restricted to over 18's only.
This website only gives an insight into the type of fishing that awaits you.  We hope to see you soon so you can enjoy it for yourself.


No keep nets
Barbless hooks only
No nut baits
No fires/BBQ's
No radios
No floating baits on pit 1
Maximum 2 rods
Return all fish alive
Carp must be unhooked on mats
Do not transfer fish from lake to lake
Pike fishing Oct 1st-Mar 31st only
Do not discard line and tackle
Environment licence required
No bait boats except pit4
No bivvies/tents around pit 1
No dogs

In order to keep our fish in top condition regular checks will be made to hooks, rigs and equipment being used, if you are unsure please ask the bailiff. Please make sure your landing net is a suitable size for the fish you wish to catch.

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Like most commercial fisheries it can get very busy on a weekend but with 7 pits and a match lake there are plenty of swims to choose from. Most people fish on pit 1 which is next to the entrance, site office and cafe/toilet area. I find it better further away, pit 7 is never too busy. It's further away from everything but you can still park very close to the swims, nothing is over 5 min walk away.


Good day out, some hard lakes, should never blank.

shauny d

This complex has some of the best looking carp I have seen some stunning fish!!


Great complex. Lots of different sized lakes for all angling styles. Fished the Match lake. Prawn on the waggler was killer. Fish it towards the island near the trees as the Carp cruise up and around the edge.


Good lakes and nice fish worth the money


Fished the match lake today, lots of fish on the top of the water but hard to get bites. Halibut pellets got the most bites and landed a nice leather carp from the lily pads on peg 12.











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