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Gawsworth Fisheries


Latitude: 53.22507 | Longitude: -2.162012

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Wall Pool Lodge, Church Lane, Gawsworth, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 9RQ SK11 9RQ

01260 223442


Gawsworth Fisheries is situated in between Macclesfield and Congleton and is one of Cheshire’s premier day ticket fisheries, Gawsworth Fisheries is an all round fishery that comprises of five lakes Wall Pool, Wood Pool, Park Pool Coppice Pool and Spring Bank Pool as well as its own private canal, all the waters are extremely well stocked and will accommodate all anglers from the novice to the Specimen Carp Hunter alike.


Wall pool
Wall pool is a two acre lake stocked for leisure fishing, this pool is over 400 years old and was originally a carp pool for Gawsworth Hall, now it is stocked with a good head of Carp including Common Carp, Mirror and Ghost Carp ranging in size up to 15lb, also stocked heavily with Crucian Carp, Tench, Chub, Barbel, Roach, Rudd, Perch, and Bream.

This is a excellent all round water and brilliant fun to fish, you will often experience a bite every time you cast and this cant be said about many waters, in the summer months 100lb + bags of carp alone are common.

All baits work well on this water but carp pellet and corn are probably the most productive although luncheon meat is also very good.

Wood Pool
Wood Pool is the pride of Gawsworth Fisheries, this pool is a very well established pool now over twenty years old and so are some of the specimen carp to over 30lb that it contains. This pool ranges in depth from just two foot in the shallows to just over five foot at its deepest, Wood Pool may hold our largest Carp but it is worth thinking about the other species that are stocked, it has big Tench over 9lb as well as some Barbel over 6lb.

Park Pool
Park Pool is a 2 acre pool that is situated beside wood pool and is another well established water, Park Pool is an ideal water for both the specimen hunter and the leisure angler alike, this water has Common and Mirror Carp over 25lb as well as a good number of Tench that are often caught over 6lb, Park Pool is heavily stocked with Crucian Carp some close to the 2lb mark. This is one of our deeper waters ranging in depth from under 4 foot in the shallows to six foot in the deeper parts of the water.

Spring Bank Pool
Spring Bank Pool is an idyllic water of just over two acres in size and a depth of three foot in the shallows and 10 foot in the deeper places, this water has now been open for over two years and has started to fish really well Spring Bank Pool has two islands as features and a good variety is fish, it has both Mirror Carp and Commons to over 20lb as well as some good size Bream and Tench.

Serpentine Canal
Serpentine Canal is our own private canal suited to both match and leisure fishing from its 46 pegs, the canal is an average seven foot deep and is very heavily stocked with a good range of fish, and this water is not designed for the specimen hunter but the fisherman who wants a busy day on the bank. It has a lot of small to medium size carp up to 6lb as well as a good head of Bream, Tench and Crucians.

Coppice Pool
Coppice Pool is a new pool for 2009, this is by far one of our deepest pool’s at over eight foot deep, the water has a long central island and has been well stocked with good size Carp both Mirror and Common to 8lb and Bream over 4lb as well as a lot of Silver Fish and Skimmer Bream. This 2 acre pool will soon be fishing as well as the other waters at Gawsworth Fisheries.

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Plenty of different waters to choice from the owner John is an excellent host give night fishing a go will not be disappointed


Good waters clear of major snags and weed. Lots of good carp going into 20s well worth money. Owner John top fella keeps everyone informed about waters a captures.


Although I didn't catch much myself, I watched my friend catch plenty of different types of fish at decent sizes, only seen 1 out of the 5 available waters but impressive first day - will return


Full of bits, hard to catch the bigger ones


The fishery it's self is a lovely place but, after speaking to the owner last night I won't be going there again, I asked about night fishing !! The reply I got was "it's 20 plus a annual nigh stamp of £10, that's if we allow u to fish nights !!!. Well for a start £20 is reasonable but £30 for a first night £34 if u want three rods is way over priced for a fishery that has no 30lb carp, and cats that u can only fish boilie and pellet for!!! If it had bigger fish and the didn't get moved about I wud pay this!!! It's just a shame it could be a brilliant fishery !!!!



Most big carp caught away from islands due to it being a pressured area. Small baits or single boilies not tipped off work best.











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