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Marsh Farm


Latitude: 51.15899 | Longitude: -0.636203

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Marsh Farm, Station Lane, Milford, Surrey, GU8 5AE GU85AE

01483 428 885


The stunning and much written about Marsh Farm complex is the result of many years hard work, careful planning and a lot of club and lottery money. The fishery opened in the summer of 2004 and is firmly established as the top Crucian fishery in the country. The Tench come a close second with specimens to 10lbs and along with a good mix of silver fish and bream makes this a great all round venue.


Harris Lake
46 swims. Regarded more as a specimen Lake due to the massive Crucians although matches are fished on here. Stocked with Crucians to 4lbs 4.5oz, Tench to 10lbs, Roach Rudd & Perch to 2.5lbs. Average depth 1.4m, maximum depth 2m.

Hill Pond
A small 18 peg pond that is a great favourite with both our Junior and older members alike. Some small winter matches have also been fished on here too. stocked with Crucians to 3lbs 8oz, Tench to 8lbs, Perch to 3lbs Roach and Rudd to 1lb. Average depth 1.4m.

Richardson Lake
55 swims. Most of our matches are held on this lake due to its mix of fish and the fact that its stocking level is somewhat higher than Harris Lake.tocked with Crucians to 4lbs, Tench to 10lbs, Bream to 3lbs, Roach, Rudd & Perch to 2lbs. Average depth 1.4m.

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It's a very nice venue to fish at either on pole, float or quiver tip they all work at this nice venue !!


My only complaint is the swim dividers, the staff are amazing and the place and fish are beautiful and clean.










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