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Hello peoples of the angling persuasion. I was asked by a company called ROAMPROOF to review one of their products.

Being keen to spread the word about gadgets and other angling goodies I swiftly took them up on the offer. The product is something that you may see a lot of on the market, some that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some that last a lot less than others. I am of course talking about power banks, little boxes of electricity to keep our phones, laptops, lights and other cabled devices going whilst were on the bank.

Out of all the power banks that you see on the market, this one is a little different. I will tell you why...

This is a monster, the king Kong of all power packs. Providing enough energy to fulfil your needs when dangling a line. It's pretty...

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Hello Readers and welcome to another Fishing UK app blog.


I have been asked to share some news from the well known Nash company.

The Essex based crew will be providing Nash stockists with a TV terminal that provides the user with an array of angling of knowledge.

The user simply scans their selected item from the shelf and they will be provided with a short video clip showing how to exactly use the selected product.


Nash Say…

‘We’ve made a six figure investment that is to support both retailer and customers,’ explained operations director Alan Blair. ‘Technology is increasingly...

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I have been asked by a company called Kelly Kettle to review one of their water boilers. With so many stoves on the market using a variety of fuels this one caught my eye as it has something different from the rest.

Forget the sleek and shiny gas powered burners and welcome the caveman kettle that will make you WANT to make a brew over and over again.

The Kelly Kettle...

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Hello Peoples of the angling community.


It seems like it has been many moons since we last spoke.

Over the last few months the Fishing UK app team have been very busy with house moves, new lifestyles and life generally keeping us away from our much loves fishing spots.


Now we are back and we aim to absolutely hammer 2016 and gain back out hours lost on the bank.


Soon all IOS users will have an update that will allow them to get back into the app from the forums section and we have also cleaned up the maps area which people were struggling with.

ANDROID, man this is a hard nut to crack but we are getting there, I know its annoying but we would rather provide a quality product than something upsetting.

Bear with us, Its on its way!


We have some amazing features coming to the app soon, some that have never been seen within an app before and I am so excited to test these out.


The competition is still...

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My first post for a while but it's a good one if I do say so myself!

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 Steve and Margot tackle the low stocked Meadow Lake at Coking Farm Fishery while Luke has a couple of hours on Rush.

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 A couple of day sessions on our little syndicate at Culvers Farm

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I haven't posted for a while but I have been enjoying a good run of results at Dillington. The final match of the Royal Oak league arrived and I was leading the league going into this match and just needed to avoid a disaster!

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 A couple of days on Meadow Lake at Coking Farm Fishery. We were booked on for the whole weekend but due to the weather forecast we just fished the days. Margot has another twenty!!

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